Discover Hidden Treasures On The Prospect Food & Art Trail

Discover Hidden Treasures On The Prospect Food & Art Trail

Outstanding local eateries and alleyway art are on show with the launch of the new Explore Prospect Food & Art Trail.


We all know it well, we may drive through or past it daily or some may not have heard of it at all (no lies there!).

The suburb of Prospect, just minutes away from the CBD, is promising great things are coming our way. We had the pleasure of putting our taste buds on a workout down Prospect Road and the surrounding areas at the launch of the Explore Prospect Food and Art Trail on Wednesday evening. Hosted by the City of Prospect, we were welcomed with wine and platters of locally made food from Café Komodo, Momiji Sushi and Muratti. Plates from various food destinations including Meze-Mazi, Pun Thai, Café Di Roma, Minestra and Ossetti Biscuits were on display for all to see. And no, we couldn’t eat any of the creations on display (bugger!).

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A celebration of art throughout the district was also on show including KAB101’s work down KAB101 Lane, History of Australia by Anne Newmarch and Prospect Mural Group and the steel works by Warren Langley which is infamously scattered across the main strip with the eye catching fluro lights. I’m sure you all know the ones I’m talking about!

Prospect Rd Artwork

What is most exciting is that this is only the beginning – there is more to come from the City of Prospect. This new trail gives the community and beyond the chance to really explore what the suburb can offer; and there is truly more than meets the eye.

This strip and its traders are passionate about making the street into a foodie destination as well as encourage the community to enjoy the street art in hidden nooks and crannies. There is an extensive list of things on offer found at our door step and the trail is the best way to begin the adventure.

Pocket sized booklets are available from local businesses in the Prospect area which inside contains a bright red map of the region as well as each food business and art destination to visit. We suggest taking your time on this one, it is best to be enjoyed – on an empty stomach of course!

To out more information about the Explore Prospect Food and Art Trail, keep an eye on the Network Prospect Website & Facebook.

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