DreamBIG Review: Guthrak

A quirky, fun interactive one-woman show with an important message about finding yourself

A quirky, fun interactive one-woman show with an important message about finding yourself.

Presented by: Under the Microscope
Reviewed: 27 May, 2023

A roll of the dice can change everything, but who is really in control of our destiny?

Created by Natalie Hockley, written by Alysha Herrmann, and directed by Matthew Briggs, Guthrak is an example of wonderfully unique storytelling, inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and expertly performed by Ren Williams.

In the centre of the room is a long oval table. On top is a vast landscape of villages and lakes and a stone temple, all exquisitely realised by model maker Bianka Kennedy. The audience is invited into this world by planting trees upon it before the solo performer begins her tale of Guthrak, an Orc chosen by prophecy to lead, but born a woman. When it’s discovered that Guthrak is also half-human, she is exiled from her tribe where she eventually becomes the bridge between the two races.

Along Guthrak’s journey, audience members are invited to choose Guthrak’s path or let fate take a hand by rolling the dice. Williams switches effortlessly between characters and storyteller, accompanied by a live cellist, Rachel Bruerville. Bruerville, whose playing adds depth and drama to the proceedings also composed the score that accompanied Guthrak. Mark Oakley’s lighting design illuminates the model building interiors along with the room itself. It’s a magical, mystical experience for all.

The play is told in the round, but Williams ensures all four corners are engulfed in her storytelling prowess. She works the room with natural flair, ultimately reminding us that while some paths are chosen for us in life, we decide for ourselves how to respond and become the person we want to be.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis

Photo credit: Adelaide Festival Centre

Venue: John Bishop Room, Adelaide Festival Centre
Season: 27-28 May, 2023
Duration: 1 hour
Bookings: or tickets at the door if not sold out

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