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FIRST LOOK: Down The Rabbit Hole Debuts Dazzling Wine Tasting Bus

The contemporary wine label now has a cellar door. And yes, that cellar door happens to be in a very blue, very beautiful, double decker bus named Lennon.


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There’s no shortage of cellar doors in McLaren Vale, that’s for certain. In fact, it’s a destination for incredible, rather unique cellar doors. What it hasn’t had, up until now, is a cellar door in a very blue, very beautiful, double decker bus. This is where Down The Rabbit Hole comes in. The contemporary wine label, headed by Elise Cook and Dom Palumbo, finally has a cellar door, and it’s in a bus called Lennon.

Acquiring Lennon was no easy feat for Elise and Dom. The couple purchased the vintage bus on eBay just before leaving for a trip to India. Word on the street is that Lennon came to Australia from Scotland, some fifteen years ago, and despite all his travels, it looks as though his journey is far from over.

Collecting Lennon was an adventure in itself, requiring a three-day trip across Australia to pick him up, before venturing home and beginning the process of renovating the old bus into the elegant, aesthetically delightful tasting room it is today. 

Last week, Elise and Dom debuted what is most likely the Fleurieu Peninsula’s newest and quirkiest cellar door.

The first visitors were a group of Australia’s travel and lifestyle influencers including the likes of Sammy Robinson, Jade Tunchy, and Lichi Pan. With their combined Instagram followers totalling 1.5 million people, you may have spotted Lennon in action already …

The guests of SATC sampled Down the Rabbit Hole’s popular South Australian wine and enjoyed the launch of what is undoubtedly an upcoming hotspot.

Down The Rabbit Hole’s vineyard, as well as the cellar door (aka Lennon), is located in McLaren Vale. Their head winemaker is the award-winning Walter Clappis, and the rest of the team includes creative young winemakers and wine lovers. Dom and Elise have long cheered a philosophy of imagination and adventure, and it is for this reason amongst others that Lennon seems to be the perfect fit to showcase their wine. 

The double decker bus is open topped, however as Elise and Dom are looking to open the cellar door in August, a clear, removable cover has been fashioned so the wine tasting can occur come rain or shine. In summertime, Lennon will be an open rooftop bar. 

For everything Down The Rabbit Hole, see the website here

Lennon is set to open in August in McLaren Vale. Stay tuned for updates. 

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