Jamie’s Italian Launches HUGE NEW Vegan & Vegetarian Menu

From blue cheese gnocchi, to grilled avo atop hearty pulses and grains … Jamie’s Italian has you sorted with over 20 new vegan and veg dishes.


Vegans, vegetarians, and those of us who tell ourselves anything falling under the vego category is ‘healthy’ and therefore we can eat as much of it as we want, rejoice!

Pasta and antipasti favourite Jamie’s Italian has launched an entirely vegan/vegetarian menu starring over 20 delicious meat-free meals.

Fill your table with a selection of starters, like crispy arancini margherita in arrabbiata sauce, mouth-watering polenta chips doused in rosemary and Parmesan and tomato bruschetta with whipped ricotta.

Of course, no Italian feast is complete without carb overloading, so grab the ultimate garlic bread and the vegan bread board with grissini and black olive tapenade.

For cheese lovers, ordering the blue cheese gnocchi mixed with walnuts and black kale finished with Parmesan & fried sage is a must.

For lovers of just downright good food that sends you into an eating frenzy, from which you wake up from at the end of the dish with an apology to your table for hogging the whole damn thing … order the truffle tagliatelle – freshly made pasta, shaved black truffle, truffle cream and nutmeg finished with Parmesan.

Order your own personal bowl. Attempting to share is an unrealistic expectation.

Ordering salads for the table to share doesn’t have to just be something you have to do to pretend you value health, as the current salads on offer are substantial and tasty to boot.

The superfood salad of grilled avocado atop roasted beets, pulses & grains, broccoli, spicy seeds & Calabrian chilli has the potential to impress even the biggest of meat eaters.

If you’re a vego lover and are heading with a dedicated, devoted meat eater, you’ll be please to know that you’ll both benefit from Jamie’s $20 pasta dish deal throughout July.

If you needed any more reason for an Italian feast to get you through this cold Winter month, there it is.

You’re welcome.

Jamie’s Italian is located at 2 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000


From truffle tagliatelle and blue cheese gnocchi, to grilled avo atop hearty pulses and grains… Jamie’s Italian has you sorted with over 20 new vegan and vegetarian dishes this Winter.

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