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Five Ways You Can Support South Australian Musicians & Artists, Starting Now

Now, more than ever, is the time to support the South Australian creative community, so we’ve put together a guide to the ways you can (hopefully) make a difference.


It’s no secret that the recent times have devastating for those in the music and arts industries.

With the cancellation of many gigs, events, and performances, many creatives have now found themselves with little on the horizon in terms of work.

Now, more than ever, is the time to support the South Australian creative community, so we’ve put together a guide to the ways you can (hopefully) make a difference.

Purchase & Stream

Buy music, buy scripts, buy merchandise, buy subscriptions. Stream local music, loudly and proudly.

That new album your favourite local band just released? Buy it. Buy it digitally and buy the vinyl version because why not. Then stream it as well for good measure.

Buy tickets to theatre productions set for later in the year. Holden Street Theatres have had to postpone upcoming shows but you can still purchase tickets to later seasons here.

State Theatre Company South Australia has cancelled its upcoming two seasons (The Gospel According Paul and Single Asian Female) but you can still purchase tickets to the rest of the year’s shows here.


Instead of taking a refund for a show that’s been cancelled, why not donate the price of your ticket instead.

Spread The Word

Share the work of your favourite local musicians or theatre companies on social media. Leave a review on their Facebook page or tell a friend to check out a new South Australian album or company.

As of this Friday, March 20, Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share on sales to put much needed money directly into the pockets of the artists. Support a local band on Bandcamp here.

There are virtual groups popping up for play reading purposes. Why not join one and lose yourself in a story, even if just for a little while.

Stick Around

When this is over, when this is better, when gigs are rescheduled and performances are back on, show your support. Buy tickets. Show up. Let the creatives in your life know you care, and that you’ll be front row when it’s time.

Get To Know SA Artists

Use this time to get to know South Australian talent. Purchase a script by a local playwright, or check out a few new Adelaide bands.

Emma Knights of Emma Knights Productions has put together some words of support regarding the current situation, as well as a list of some of her top South Australian music picks.

Emma Knights’ Top Local Picks

“As a musician, I currently find myself sitting in my lounge working out what to do as all my work has been cancelled.

Over the last six and a half years I have been working full-time and extremely hard on my music career but also in my business creating work for local musicians.

Now, I am unable to do that with live events, I thought I would use this time to create a little list. Many of us Aussie brace for what is coming so if you have a little cash to spare here are a bunch of local original artists and bands that you can add to your playlist and give us a little love at this time!

Download the music and get on your dancing feet or have a cup of tea. There is something for everyone on this list. You can stream most of these tunes for free if you cannot afford any dollars and I have included a playlist from both myself and MusicSA if you do not want to click all the way through the list.” 

Listen to the MusicSA Playlist

Listen to Emma’s Playlist

Aaron Ray
Alain Valdoze
Alpha Street
Andy Salvanos
Angus Brill Reed
Cal Jamma, Pab
Cetri Kakeni
Darcy Cheatle
Delia Olam
Eliza Dickson
Elsy Wameyo
Emma Knights
Frank Loves Joan
Horror My Friend
I, Icarus
Jackie Walton
Jennifer Trijo
Keeping Count of Satellites
Kim Orchard
Kylie Brice
Lady Voodoo
Laura Hill
Loren Kate
Luke Marshall
Mariner 71
Mark Curtis and the Flannelettes
Michael Mills
Natalya Plays Piano
Not For Humans
Ollie English
Philip H Bleek
Plague 9
Rich Batsford
Ross Williams
Samantha Edge
Siobhan Owen
Smoke No Fire
Something to Rescue
St Judes
Superdose Gangway
Taylor Pfeiffer
Telenn Tri
The Cameramen
The Cortex Shift
The Irresponsibles
The Lonely Kids
The Midnight Divide
The Poets of Slam Society
The Unset
Trav Collins
Trench Effect
Trent Bell
Yellow Blue Bus
Zachary Luka

Have any suggestions for this guide? Email [email protected].


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