Flinders Street Project Launch New Spring Menu That You're Going To Love

Flinders Street Project Launch New Spring Menu That You’re Going To Love

Flinders Street Project already has a stellar reputation for breakfast through to lunch, and their new spring menu is no exception.


Glam Adelaide was lucky enough to get a preview of the spring menu of Flinders Street Project, one of the most loved brunch institutions in the CBD. Chef Paul McDonald who has cut his teeth at everything from Magill Estate to Adelaide Festival’s riverbank hub Lola’s Pergola, has overseen a light weekend brunch menu which is perfectly curated for Spring, from earthy tropical breakfast items to glistening green salads and fresh market fish. The coffee and the owner’s owned baked assortments are also to die for, but the Spring menu definitely freshens things up, quite literally too!

The coconut sago pudding is a subtle, refined and earthy mass. This tropical crowd pleaser is brightened up by tangy traces of mango, passion fruit and charred pineapple. Add some almonds for savoury crunch and you have a unique, refreshing breakfast.

The warm, roasted kale in the kale salad worked perfectly against the creamy goats cheese base. The poached eggs work well in conjunction with the dish rather than dominating with broccoli grounding the dish.

Lovely Asian flavours punctuate the market fish, which today was wild caught freshwater barramundi. The wombok provided subtle freshness, the green mango a hint of sweet acid and the radish adding clean, crisp textures. The meal is light yet very satisfying with the fish broken up into pieces that absorb all the flavours and catch bits and bobs of the wombok and herbs. A perfect combination for this sunny spring day!

The lovely herbaceous green quinoa salad tastes better than what meets the eye. The quinoa itself is a departure from the sweet Arabic flavours people might associate with it. The asparagus brings little bursts of freshness while different green leaves and herbs have a heightened floral sensation. Slivered almonds bring the savoury edge, while little bits of puffed grains float around like tiny nuggety croutons, adding some unique variety.

Flinders Street Project is not the place for a conservative stock standard breakfast or brunch, or somewhere you mull over the rudimentary choice of having your eggs scrambled or fried eggs, or settle on the overdone (figuratively) avocado toast. This brunch menu is entirely refined, very healthy and driven by nuanced thoughtful flavours courtesy of Paul’s vision. The open setting, teeming with natural light, uber progressive interior design (check the wooden spoons embedded in the ceiling) and relaxed helpful staff make this one of Adelaide’s best choices for friends looking to step up their brunch game, or a healthy morning tea for colleagues.

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