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Fringe Review: Academy of Magic

An engaging educational show for little magicians

An engaging educational show for little magicians

Presented by: Tom Weil

Reviewed: 24 February, 2024

Academy of Magic is not your typical children’s magic show. Part performance, part workshop, Professors Tom, Drew and Karen uncover the secrets behind some simple illusions, teaching the audience how to do them and providing the children in the audience with the tools needed to pull them off.

From the moment the audience steps into the theatre, they are transported to a Harry Potter styled space, complete with floating candles and Hogwarts letters, balloon owls, and even a Sorting Hat, along with ambient music. The audience are seated at cabaret tables, and the show alternates between a performance of simple illusions, and a workshop in magical techniques.

The show’s introduction, largely driven by Professor Tom and Professor Drew, was a little slow. The energy in the room was low, and a few stumbles over lines in their introduction meant that the audience wasn’t immediately on board. However, as soon as the first demonstration of an illusion was performed, the audience was engaged and the rest of the show ran much more smoothly.

This show does many things well. Because of the interactive nature of the show, a fanfare would play anytime attention needed to return to the stage, a quick and effective way to keep the show moving. The tools needed for the illusions, provided to each child in attendance, are good quality and all worked as intended. With care, these tools should stand up to many home magic shows when your children recreate these tricks!

With some tightening of that opening script and a little more showmanship early on to draw the audience in, Academy of Magic promises to be a must-see for any budding magician.

Reviewed by Kristin Stefanoff

Venue: BankSA Theatre, Gluttony
Season: until Sun 3 March
Duration: 60min
Tickets: $35

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