Beach Polo Returns To Glenelg This Summer

Frock Up, Grab A Vino And Watch The Polo At Glenelg This Summer

Classy doesn’t even begin to describe how Polo on Glenelg Beach this summer will be. Frock up and get ready for the thud of hooves on pristine white sand.


Photo by Janek Gazecki

Everyone knows that Adelaide has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. So how about we go and add some majestic horses in full gallop along those white sands? And maybe a bit of Darryl Braithwaite in the background… or is that too far? We don’t want a tear jerker.

What we do have, however, is the return of Beach Polo to the Glenelg foreshore. Sure, it’s not until February 2017. But we all need something to look forward to this summer, and this has presented us with our first eyebrow raising moment.

To the backdrop of the cerulean waters of St Vincent Gulf, the the beachfront will come alive to the thud of hooves on the white sand, the thwack of the polo stick on that little ball and the chink of wine glasses as we all swan around barefoot, in our finest summer dress enjoying the atmosphere. We haven’t been treated to such a classy affair since 2011 when the last Polo By The Sea was held, and it’s a welcome return to the precinct.

We’d expect there will be quite the hoopla as this event gets closer, so keep it on your radar. For more information and tickets (once they become available) visit the Beach Polo website.

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