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Fruit Loop Soft Serve Anyone? This Soft Serve Pop-Up Is Launching For Summer

And they’re slinging some seriously Insta-worthy cones.

Just in time for summer, ice cream pop-up Sub Zero Soft Serve is launching in Adelaide, slinging some seriously Insta-worthy cones.

Served in either a waffle cone or a cup, the ice creams will come loaded up with toppings. Think Freak Shakes, but the soft serve version.

Their main flavour series is the cereal range, with cones loaded with Nutrigrain, Nesquick Cereal, or our favourite, FRUIT LOOPS!

The cereals are mixed with melted marshmallow, which holds them together (and tastes extra delicious).

There will also be rotating flavour specials, plus there are plenty of toppings that you can add to customise your cone (think Oreo cookie crumbs or popcorn). 

Vanilla soft serve will be the main ice cream base, but they will also have a rotating second flavour, and their machine can even combine two flavours into one.

Friends Joe Cavanagh and Stefan Nestorovic are behind the business,  wanting to take soft serve to the next level.

They expect Sub Zero Soft Serve to launch just in time for summer, and they’ll be popping up in their ice cream cart most likely at beachside locations.

To see where they’re popping up, follow Sub Zero Soft Serve on Instagram. 

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