Having The ‘Slime’ Of Their Life – EnV’s Slime Factory

You might think mixing a couple of 12 year olds with buckets of gooey slime will just mean mess, but for Erin and Victtoria its lead to EnV’s Slime Factory.

We were so impressed when we were contacted by 12 year-old business owners Erin and Victtoria (yes, you read that right, they are just 12), that we just had to check out their market stall this weekend at Plant4 Bowden.

Now, you might think mixing a couple of 12 year olds with buckets of gooey slime will just mean a big ol’ mess, but in the case of Erin and Victtoria its lead to EnV’s Slime Factory; their very own business. With a stall every fortnight on Saturday at Plant4 Markets in Bowden, these clever little cookies are proving that age is no barrier to success.

The girls met just under a year ago at athletics training and now spend even more time together creating their range of slimey products to sell.

Gone are the days where slime was just green; if you’ve got a favourite colour, EnV’s Slime Factory probably have a slime to match amongst their rainbow of gooey goodness. There is butter slime, called that because it spreads out like butter (not because you should eat it), and the clear slime that you can add glitter to for your very own bit of sparkle.

Erin and Victtoria are even mindful of the environment, offering discounted refills for their re-useable tubs.  Awesome work ladies!

You can’t help but be impressed with this pair.  They aren’t just making a bit of money to buy the latest in fashion or gadgets, but are putting the dollars back in to their business to keep expanding and buying new equipment.

As part of their host of new ideas, EnV’s Slime Factory even offer ‘slime parties’ now at Plant4 where kids can make their very own slime; mixing it, colouring, packing and labelling it too.  The kids can have a ball creating their favourite coloured goo, and the parents can enjoy all that Plant4 has to offer, including the bar – yes, I did just say that out loud.  Great idea, right?

To find out more about EnV’s Slime Factory products or their fabulous slime parties, make sure you check them out on Insta @Envs_slimefactory

You can also find Erin and Victtoria getting gooey every second Saturday at Plant4 Bowden in the Kids Zone on the mezzanine level.  Next stall will be on 19th August.

Good on ya girls!

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