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Hot wings challenge coming in hot to Grange

The American-burger specialists are challenging customers with some seriously hot wings.

Header image for inspiration. Body images: Beefcakes and Shakes.

Calorific cavern Beefcakes and Shakes in Adelaide’s Western suburbs have announced their latest culinary creation, and it’s certainly not for the faint hearted. 

The American-style burger specialists have added a new wing to their offering that’s guaranteed to incinerate any wintery blues, with the intense Hot Wing Challenge arriving at the restaurant in a blaze of glory on the 1st of July. 

Brave participants will face a four-course wing extravaganza of three wings per round, beginning at ‘Medium’ heat and accelerating to the appropriately-named ‘Fk Off’ wings for a fiery finisher. Wing warriors will be subjected to three to five minutes of “after-burn time” to ensure they feel the full force of each heat level before they tuck into the next, unless they are tempted by the tantalising pitcher of ice-cold milk on offer, resulting in an automatic forfeit. 

Collaborating with spice maverick Uncle Mungo, who produces mouth-searingly scorching Australian-made sauces, the restaurant’s hottest round of wings will rack up an eye-watering 16,000,000 on the Scoville heat unit scale, over double the intensity of police grade pepper spray which sits at a measly 5,600,000 SHU. 

Although official prizes are yet to be announced, owner Jamie Wimmer is eager to see how many Adelaideans will step up to the plate.

“We’re currently consulting with our legal team to draw up a waiver for participation in the challenge – that’s just how intense these wings are,” he says. 

Follow the challenge at Beefcakes and Shake’s Facebook group.

Beefcakes and Shakes are found at 657 Grange Road, Grange. 

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