Interactive kid’s show, Dancestar Live, sparks confidence and self-discovery through music

The Australian Company of Performing Arts is bringing back its interactive, confidence building show for limited shows this July.

Meet Flexi Lexi. An awe-inspiring, dancing-loving, singing superstar who is on a journey to help her dear friend Sisqo Disco discover who he is and find his true self.

Flexi, Sisqo and all their friends are the role-model cast of Dancestar Live – an interactive children’s show created by the Australian Company of Performing Arts (ACPA).

Through a 50-minute production, Flexi and Sisqo sing and dance their way on a journey of self-discovery in an entirely interactive show that is aimed at helping children build confidence and become the very best version of themselves.

After a sell-out season in 2021, Dancestar Live is back for 2022 with ‘I AM ME!’ And while it is aimed at 2-6-year-olds, parents and carers get just as much joy from this show.

“During the show, we notice that the adults end up with the biggest smile on their face. And what’s even better than that, is seeing the little ones singing and dancing along to the music…it’s so heartwarming’. Says Pep Rigano, manager from the Australian Company of Performing Arts.

The Dancestar Live performances were born following the success of ACPA’s pre-school program ‘Dancestar’.

This entirely inclusive dance class is a space for everyone to come together in celebration of our differences, not in spite of them. No matter how you look or what you believe in, every child is welcome to learn the elements of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop and singing to encourage creativity, build confidence and develop strong, healthy minds.

But where the show emerged from, is the entirely original music created for the class.

“All of the songs are created specifically for the class,” explains Pep. “They have an underlying message of ‘self’, that through lyrics help the kids understand they can be exactly who they want to be, without having to feel the pressures of society.

“And the kids absolutely love the songs. We had so many parents asking if there was a way they could listen to them at home because their kids were singing them non-stop and that’s what sparked the idea of a live performance.”

Not wanting to be just another kids show, Dancestar Live makes a point of being more relevant with the storyline following a number of characters, each of them dealing with a real-life issue that is reflective of what Pep and his team have picked up on during class.

“I think it’s important with any show, that the characters are relatable and that’s exactly what ‘I AM ME’ delivers. The kids who attend end up attaching to one or two of our cast, because they share similarities.

“We created this show with an overall underlying message of building confidence and inspiring the next generation to be more aware, more resilient and able to be inclusive of one another.”

Flexi Lexi, Sisqo Disco and all their friends would love to see you at Dancestar Live: I Am Me! in one of their many shows between July 14 – 16 with anyone and everyone invited! Tickets start from $22 and can be purchased here.

The full soundtrack is also now available on Spotify and iTunes so you can relive your favourite moments over and over again!

For more information on the Australian Company of Performing Arts and all that they offer, visit their website or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

The Australian Company of Performing Arts is located at 37 Walsh Street, Thebarton 5031.

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