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Is This The Best Seafood Platter In Adelaide Right Now?

Just because it’s Winter, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an incredible South Australian seafood platter!

When I think of seafood, I think of Summer. I suppose it’s the lazy weekends by the beach, or sitting at waterfront cafes with a nice Rose and platter of South Australia’s freshest catches. But in my nostalgic haze, I seem to have forgotten that a lot of seafood is at its peak during the cooler months. Take oysters for instance. BRILLIANT right now.

So when we found the Mayflower Restaurant‘s Iced Seafood Platter for two, with SA King Prawns and Coffin Bay Oysters, we knew we needed to share the love.

The Den, which is right next to the Mayflower Restaurant, is a great place for pre-dinner drinks

Stroll down the sweeping ribbon staircase in the Mayfair Hotel, and you’ll discover their signature restaurant Mayflower Restaurant.

If you haven’t discovered this hidden gem of Adelaide’s dining scene, it’s worth a visit, whether you’re up for a meal, or just want to check out their incredible seafood platter.

The Mayflower menu is devoted to reviving classic hotel cuisine, in the skillful hands of Bethany Finn. 

Bethany must have read our mind when she put together the Iced Seafood Platter. It features all our favourites including SA King Prawns, Scampi Crudo, Coffin Bay Oysters & Ceviche of Scallops and it will set you back $110.

The ‘Enhanced Selection’ also includes Seared Tuna Loin, and Lobster Tail and costs $160.

While you were probably hoping for a bargain basement price, we’re just going to say, you get what you pay for. Especially with seafood. So save your pennies and head along for your next special occasion. Or just because it’s Tuesday. Either way, don’t forget to invite us!

The Mayfair Hotel is located at 45 King William Street, Adelaide.

Check out their website for more information or download their full menu here.


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