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Kangaroo Island Organic Skincare Range Makes A Splash On The Mainland

This organic skincare range sounds like what clear skin dreams are made of, and it’s available at one of Adelaide’s most incredible supermarkets.

Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets (Frewville and Pasadena Foodland) are continuing to break boundaries within the supermarket world. No longer is the supermarket just for the boring Sunday grocery shop; these supermarket visionaries have included a Salumi Bar, Flower Bar and a Coffee Bar to turn their grocery stores into some of the best in the world (if not THE best). Not only is it a great place to do your weekly grocery shop, but they support the local community through programs such as Youthinc and by stocking many incredible local brands, such as Kangaroo Island-brand OrganiQ.

Throughout the years, we can’t tell you how many different skincare brands we’ve tried looking for something natural, Australian-made and socially responsible. Finding natural products that work for your skin is harder than we ever expected. Then, we stumbled across OrganiQ, a South Australian-based natural skincare company and knew we’d found something special.

Owner, Sally Paech, had always used natural skincare products, but, like us, found it hard to find products she was completely happy with. Fortunately, she had a natural skill many of us don’t possess – the ability to mix scrubs and experiment with local ingredients to create natural skincare that actually works. Starting from a bowl in her kitchen, every ingredient has a skin-conditioning purpose, and some can only be sourced from Kangaroo Island. As Paech orders directly from all her suppliers, you can be assured your products will contain a pure and high concentration of skin-renewing nutrients.

With scrubs, elixirs and sprays, infused with honey, eucalyptus oil, olive oil, coffee and seasalt (to condition the skin), every formula she developed herself based on six generations of inherited Kangaroo Island knowledge.
With products designed to improve skin condition but also create a memorable journey for the senses, the range is now gaining interest, not only at home, but internationally, due to its natural simplicity and effective result.

OrganiQ joined with Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets (Frewville and Pasadena Foodland) a year ago to bring these products to the masses. Available from the Flowerbar, where you can relax amongst the beautifully presented flowers, tea and cakes and home fragrances, Paech credits the company for helping to grow her business.

Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets resonated with a lot of Paech’s personal values in the way that they support the local industry and have community-minded mindset. This is more than evident with their involvement with Youthinc, which supports disadvantaged youth to get into work. This initiative resonated with her so much, that as a thank you to the local community who have supported her, she donates $1 from every coffee scrub purchase to Youthinc.

If you’re forever searching for an organic skincare brand that will benefit your local community, as well as a place to do your grocery shopping that is so much more than just a supermarket, this may just be a collaboration made in heaven for you.

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