New Champagne & Seafood Bar Overlooking Torrens Open Now

(A)Lure, a Champagne & Seafood bar, will be opening next week as a new addition to the Adelaide Riverbank Precinct.


With the last weeks of warmth lingering in Adelaide, a new addition to the Adelaide Riverbank will push the precinct back in the forefront of foodie destinations.

(A)Lure, a Champagne & Seafood bar has opened today. Situated on the Torrens, underneath the Festival Centre, (A)Lure is a perfect example of two varying venue models coming together to create an intriguing new space.

On one hand, you can expect platters of seafood featuring fresh Coffin Bay oysters, buckets of Spencer Gulf king prawns and more. Pol Roger, Petaluma Croser and Jansz Premium Cuvée are just a few options in a drinks list that also boasts a variety of South Australian reds and whites. 

On the other hand, (A)Lure will also have a fish and chips takeaway window. What seems to be a thematic diversion from the champagne and seafood fine dining umbrella that (A)Lure falls under is further altered with their inclusion of craft beers, starting at $5.

The changing nature of Adelaide’s food and bar scene is summarised with (A)Lure. Further proof that a casual vibe and high quality dining are not mutually exclusive.

In an effort to promote the South Australian craft beer market, Mismatch, Little Bang and Big Shed are the beers of choice at (A)Lure. The opportunity to grab your fish and chips and sit on the grass by the riverbank is an appealing prospect alongside the option to enjoy a crisp sparkling by the deck.

(A)Lure will boast a new deck that looks towards the river, with a mix of high bar tables and smaller versions, fit to seat couples and groups. With the inclusion of an ice bar, their fresh produce will be in open view.

Peeling your prawns and drinking Pol Roger doesn’t have to be pretentious nor does it need a dress up. Instead, enjoying top quality seafood in a relaxed and urban setting is what you’re getting with this new addition.

(A)Lure will be found underneath the Festival Centre, opening on Friday April 12.

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