NOW OPEN: New cafe Metta Sol opens in familiar Goodwood Road hot spot

New cafe Metta Sol opens on Goodwood Road with good coffee and pastries.

You know what they say—as one door shuts, another one often opens. This has certainly proven to be true for a much-loved Adelaide restaurant that may have recently closed its doors but is welcoming a new vibe into its walls.

Meet Cristhian, the cafe owner and coffee connoisseur who’s breathing new life into Metta Sol, the popular plant-based Vietnamese-infused eatery in Goodwood.

Open now, Metta Sol Specialty Coffee has taken over the previously owned Metta Sol location, and although Cristhian has changed it up from Viet dishes and is instead brightening your mornings and warming your hearts with good coffee and pastries, he’s decided to keep the name and the commitment to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere. 

‘The name “Metta Sol” itself carries a beautiful significance to me and this space—”Metta” means being kind to one another in Buddhism, reflecting our ethos of creating a community that’s welcoming and full of love. And “Sol,” which means sun in Spanish, I feel represents the light and warm vibe of the cafe whilst adding a touch of my South American heritage into the space too’, says Cristhian. 

Bringing together these meanings, Cristhian hopes to create a place where people can come together, spread kindness and connect. ‘Whether it’s stopping briefly on your commute to work, picking up your morning coffee and one of the many grab-and-go options available, or instead, pulling up a chair and enjoying your coffee and brekky in-house, we cater to both experiences’. With a hybrid vibe and just over 20 seats available, it’s a cosy, intimate space and the perfect spot to relax and recharge.

Cristhian, who hails from Colombia, has a wealth of experience in the coffee industry in Australia after arriving back in 2009.  He’s honed his skills and nurtured his love and passion for good coffee whilst working at CIBO and spent a good nine years working for local coffee roaster, Kicco. Now, Cristhian’s super excited to embark on this new venture, sharing his love for coffee and good food with the Goodwood Road community.

‘I wanted the menu at Metta Sol to offer a unique twist to the typical cafe food’, says Cristhian. ‘Working with the talented chef who’s been a part of Metta Sol from the beginning, we’re highlighting both South American and Asian flavours in the various foods on the menu’. 

Think sourdough baguettes, paninis and toasties with locally sourced ingredients that deliver in terms of flavour and quality. And whether you’re looking for vegan-friendly or need a bit of meat in your panini, Metta Sol has you covered, ensuring they have something for everyone. ‘It was important to me that we provide delicious food that’s inclusive and that it’s affordable too’, says Cristhian.

And if you’re a plant-based lover, you’ll be delighted to know that Metta Sol is collaborating with Lobethal-based Clara Cakes, who are providing all the sourdough baguettes and paninis on the menu. Prefer something sweet to go with your cappuccino? Clara’s will also be offering a range of delectable vegan pastries. ‘We’ll have a selection of sweet pastries on the menu including a variety of fluffy croissants—there’s carrot cake croissants, rhubarb and berry crumble croissants, almond croissants and the favourite, pain au chocolat’, says Cristhian.

Of course, the key to any successful cafe is providing its customers with exceptional coffee and Metta Sol’s perfect blend is made with beans sourced from Zest Specialty Coffee Roasters located in Melbourne. Complete with a wide variety of milk available that caters to every need and dietary preference, they also offer a selection of specialty teas for those seeking a different kind of brew.

Another huge focus for Cristhian and the Metta Sol cafe is their dedication to sustainability. ‘Being mindful of our environmental impact is very important to me, so we’ll be using 100% compostable packaging, including cups and other eco-friendly materials’. 

The doors of Metta Sol will swing open from Tuesday to Sunday, starting bright and early at 7 am and closing at 2 pm (8 am – 1 pm on Sundays). Get down to Goodwood Road this week to support Cristhian and the team, where he’s created a welcoming space for the community to come together, enjoy delicious food, and absorb the warmth of great company and COFFEE!

WHERE: Metta Sol Specialty Coffee, 98b Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, SA 5034.
WHEN: Tuesday-Saturday, 7 am-2 pm, Sundays, 8 am-1 pm.
MORE INFO: @metta.sol

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