Quandong Gin Adds Something Different To The Mix

Thrift Shop Bar’s very own small-batch Quandong Gin was launched in Adelaide last night, and invited guests were treated to a selection of a ginspired nibbles and of course, delicious gin.

quandong gin

Thrift Shop Bar’s very own small-batch ‘Quandong Gin’ was launched in Adelaide last night at a VIP party, where invited guests were treated to a selection of ginspired nibbles and of course, delicious gin.

Entering Thrift Shop Bar was like entering a different era – with the eclectic decor and white picket fence. The charismatic bartenders were eager to discuss their own Gin and their range of Australian spirits while they handcrafted cocktails for their thirsty and excited guests.

The first drink made to showcase Quandong Gin was a French 75 – a classic gin cocktail created in Paris. Next up, a Quandong Negroni. Personally, I have never enjoyed a Negroni finding them too tart at times – however, this Negroni was easy to drink thanks to the slightly sweeter edge that the Australian gin provided. To finish the round, a simple Gin and Tonic. Delicious.

quandong negroni

Now, I keep mentioning the word ‘Quandong’, but what does it all mean?

The Quandong is an Australian native peach – and this fruit was infused with a neutral spirit before being distilled in a small copper pot still. It was then blended with an array of botanicals including lemon myrtle, essential juniper and a touch of pepper.

Photo credit: @thriftshopbar

Photo credit: @thriftshopbar

Created on Kangaroo Island by Thrift Shop Bar’s own Michael Barendregt and Jaime Fraser, in partnership with Jon Lark from Kangaroo Island Spirits, the Thrift Shop Bar’s Quandong Gin is a delicious addition to the upcoming Australian spirit scene.

Australian spirits are often overshadowed by their international rivals, however once you step inside Thrift Shop Bar and view their all-Australian spirit range it’s obvious that the Australian spirits scene is entering a renaissance – especially with help from Australian bars such as Thrift Shop choosing to support local.

Quandong Gin is available for take away and trade sales from the Thrift Shop Bar as well as being tailored into many different mixed drinks that you can taste at the ecclectic Thrift Shop Bar on Waymouth Place, Adelaide.

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