Retro cult movie video store opens in Charles Street Plaza

Long live nostalgia as Vicious Video opens in Charles Street Plaza.

Recently Renew Adelaide celebrated the launch of Vicious Video, a retro cult movie video store located in Charles Street Plaza.

Like most trends, time has a way of bringing back things that we never thought would be relevant again. Low rise jeans for instance, or New Balance dad sneakers paired with baggy tailored trousers. Both of these examples are liked as a matter of taste. Speaking of taste, VHS’s are something that those over the age of 20, have at one point have discovered and cherished.

Whether it be you taping over your parents wedding vows, or hitting pause of commercial breaks when recording so you get an ad free playback, these memories serve as a sensory experience that we will be hard pressed to forget.

Now you will be able to make more of those memories with the opening of Vicious Video in Adelaide.

Vicious video is a one-stop shop for any retro cult movie video collectables.

Owner Deniel Cross has always had an affinity for all things retro and collectable, which sparked the idea of Vicious Video.

“I’ve been obsessed with these videos as a collector, and connecting with other like minded collectors was something that really appealed to me.” Deniel said.

Vicious Video have only been open for two weeks and according to Deniel the reception has been “pretty crazy”.

With the buzz of a local TikTok going viral on the first day of open at this retro funhouse, (the irony is not lost upon us), Vicious Video saw a massive boost in notoriety and foot traffic.

The importance of quality of quantity is also something that isn’t lost on the owner.

“All of the videos stocked on the shelves are all restored with no haggard covers to put anyone off.” Deniel said.

Deniel also revealed that the video store had a shelf saved for DVD’s, but he just wasn’t convinced of them working with the rest of the store.

“I had the option to sell DVD’s but there’s just no visual appeal as compared to the tapes. The covers take you back to a time of those movies coming out.” Deniel said.

So for a friendly face and a trip down memory lane, pop over to Vicious Video at Shop 8 Charles Street Plaza, Adelaide 5000.

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