Sharpen Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Slim Black PinNew Years resolutions usually revolve around actioning of physical endeavours. Why not resolve to sharpen up your wardrobe for 2010 at the same time gentlemen?

This summer sees the introduction of more casual suiting in lighter, breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and superfine wool. I’m not talking oversized, shoulder-padded ‘Miami Vice’ jacketing and triple pleat trousers- fit is still the game breaker here. Think slim- And when I say slim I don’t mean you have to carry the figure of an Somalian marathon runner, just make sure your suit follows the natural contours of your body shape. Modern jackets should be an inch shorter than standard styles. Don’t be afraid to lean toward something with feature pocketing and pick stitching on lapels and inside linings. Trousers need to be shaped and tapered. There’s no point in getting something uncomfortable- but make sure you challenge yourself and get something that maintains consistency in shape with your jacket.

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It could be said that fabrics are going through a traditional or conservative phase. Timeless favourites like the Prince of Wales check and fine Herringbones are making a comeback and should not be ignored. Avoid anything shiny or colours that are too loud. The fit and styling are the most important factors in suiting. Leave the light colours on the racetrack and steer yourself into an charcoal or matt finished black fabric.

Take care with your shirting too. If your suit is slim then your shirt should be too. Look for shirting with darted seams in the back to add shape and a smaller collar to refine your look. I’m enjoying checks so far this season- subtle gingham checks combined with a textured, slim tie are eye catching and represent style. Power dressing is back too- so don’t be afraid to reach for the blue shirt and red tie again!

Perhaps most importantly, make sure your suiting is fitted correctly- by someone who knows what they are talking about and will give you genuine, good advice on body shape, fabrics and seasonal trends. As hard as it may be to understand sometimes, not everything suits you! Dont be afraid to try a myriad of options in fit and fabric. You don’t know unless you try!

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