Snorkel, shop and hike at the Fleurieu’s 2022 Festival of Nature

The Festival of Nature is back and bigger than ever, including yoga and wellness classes, snorkelling and kayaking tours, to market days, and a full day expo.

In today’s modern world of social media, the metaverse, and all things technological, it’s easy to disengage with the world around us. While we all aspire to become more present and engaged with nature, many rarely put that hope into practice!

If this sounds like you, we highly recommend going to the Fleurieu Peninsula’s Festival of Nature this year. First established in 2018, the festival aims to inspire, empower and celebrate nature across the Fleurieu Coast.

The festival will feature a variety of activities, from yoga and wellness classes, and snorkelling and kayaking tours, to market days, live music, and a full day expo.

The 9-day festival appears to have something for everyone, and will hopefully encourage us home-bodies to make the most of the good weather.

The festival had great success in 2018 and 2019, but unfortunately had to be cancelled in 2020. A scaled-back version of the festival occurred last September. Now that some restrictions have eased, the Festival of Nature is back and bigger than ever.

Because of the new time slot, it also means the festival can bring a bunch of new activities not normally suitable for September.

“Because it’s March this time, we can do a lot more water activities, like snorkelling, kayaking tours and boat tours,” said Group Manager Economy, Tourism & Community, Lisa Pearson.

“We love to hold the Festival of Nature because it gives us the opportunity to showcase our natural environment and connect people with our farming community.”

Immerse yourself in one of the festival’s many guided walks and learn about the Fleurieu Coast’s incredible natural environment. From birdwatching to nature bathing, there are a million of opportunities to reengage with your surroundings.

Starting on the 12th March, stroll down to the Second Valley Market, where a bunch of local artists, growers, and artisans can showcase their produce and artistic creations.

If you’re itching to get a little creative yourself, join world-renowned botanical artist Gilbert Dashorst on the 13th March for a botanical drawing class. After your class, you could transition from calm and tranquillity to a free live music event on the Normanville Village Green, appropriately named ‘Gig on the Green’.

Visitors with mobility limitations are also invited to explore the great outdoors – come and try the all-terrain and beach wheelchairs for free hire. Don’t miss Adventure at Myponga Reservoir on Saturday 19th March to enjoy a day of fun outdoor activities for people living with disabilities.

One of the main events is the Outdoor Adventure & Eco Expo. Formerly held at the Showgrounds, the expo is now happening in the middle of the action on the Normanville Village Green.

“We’re really looking forward to using the new space!” said Lisa.

“The land that the Normanville Village Green is on used to be a service station. Now that the service station has been removed and the Green has been developed, we have this great opportunity to spread out!

“A whole range of store holders will be there, looking into things like sustainable living options and regenerative agriculture. The festival is also offering farm visits for people wanting to understand how neighbouring farms work.

“One of the farm visits is for people on the land, and one is for non-farming people who are simply curious. The visits are also great for people wanting to introduce their families to farming life.”

The team behind the Festival of Nature are very passionate about showcasing all that the Fleurieu has the offer as a place to live, not just a place to visit.

Find the full festival program here. The Festival of Nature will be happening from 12th – 20th March 2022.

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