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Comedian Jason Chong

The Time Has Arrived For [Blank] to Read the Room!

Adelaide’s second BBX TV pilot will film on Wednesday night and wants you in the audience! Are you game enough for a game show or two?


It’s time to film Adelaide’s next television pilot and introduce a whole new concept led by comedian Jason Chong.

Over the past three weeks, 1UP Digital’s Black Box Experiment (BBX) has been presenting a weekly game show by local comedian Big Al, fine-tuning the concept week-by-week based on audience feedback. This is the second television pilot to be trialed using the BBX formula, where each concept gets a month of Wednesdays to present a weekly, live show with the final Wednesday being filmed as a TV pilot.

Last month saw Kat Jensen’s talk show, Eggplant and Peach, introduce weekly guests to discuss dating in the digital age. This month, it’s a game show is called The Gap and it has filled the Wednesday night entertainment gap this month with “big laughs in a small space”.

Presented at the Rhino Room, two contestants are chosen at random from the audience to match their answers against a panel of guest stars. The show sits somewhere between TV’s Blankety Blanks and RuPaul’s Snatch Game, requiring participants to fill in the gap in sentences, songs, and titles – but correct answers are not encouraged! It’s heavy on the laughter with the quick wit of host Big Al shining through and the panel of primarily comedians ensuring the laughs run thick and fast.

This coming Wednesday night is The Gap’s shining moment with Channel 44 coming in to film the pilot. Audiences are needed so get along for the 7pm show and be ready to be amused, shocked, and titillated because anything goes in the panicked minds of everyone racing to fill in the blanks before time runs out!

From next week, one of Adelaide’s most popular comedians, Jason Chong (pictured above), attempts to Read the Room, turning an audience into an answer.

Read the Room is a new interactive game show where two contestants battle it out to predict which way the audience will swing. For each question posed, the audience is asked to vote on their phone before the contestants attempt to guess their responses.

Like all BBX opportunities, Chong will have a month of Wednesdays throughout July to fine-tune his game show concept before the television pilot is filmed on 31 July.

Fill the void of Wednesday nights and, in the process, support local talent and laugh yourself silly.

The Gap TV pilot filming
Date: 7pm on 26 June 2019
Venue: Rhino Room, Level 1, 131 Pirie St, Adelaide
Tickets: $8.50 online, $10 at the door
Available from: or at the door

Read the Room
Dates: 7pm each Wednesday: 3, 10, 17, 24 July with the pilot filmed on 31 July 2019
Venue: Rhino Room, Level 1, 131 Pirie St, Adelaide
Tickets: $8.50 online, $10 at the door
Available from: or at the door

ABOVE: The Gap films its TV pilot this coming Wednesday night
ABOVE: New game show concept, Read the Room begins on Wednesday next week

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