The world’s biggest inflatable park returns to Adelaide this summer

The world’s biggest inflatable park is coming back to Adelaide this summer!

The Big Bounce Australia has announced its highly-anticipated come-back tour, bringing the world’s biggest inflatable park back to Adelaide this year, just in time for summer.

Attractions include the Guinness certified world’s biggest jumping castle, their air space inflatables and inflatable obstacle course that’ll keep the kids (and adults!) entertained for hours through the warmer months.

Founders, Cameron Craig and Grahame Ferguson, got the idea for The Big Bounce while working together at a music festival in the UK.

Whilst there were some family attractions there, including the usual type of kids’ jumping castle, they watched bored parents mill around while their children had fun jumping and bouncing.

From there, The Big Bounce started, with over 70 events across the world this year, and on its way to Australia (and Adelaide), the world’s biggest inflatable theme park is almost here!

Just when you couldn’t get any more excited about the arrival of summer, Big Bounce announces they’re bringing the World’s Biggest Bounce House (covering a whopping 1,500 square metres), an incredible 300 metre long inflatable obstacle course and a three part space-themed wonderland to five awesome Aussie cities for their 2021 come-back tour.

The Big Bounce Australia team have created an action-packed day out, offering different sessions throughout the day which are designed to cater for all ages (including very special adults-only sessions).

So what can you expect there?

The Bounce House

Inside the bounce house you’ll find a range of various zones, each with its own unique theme and activity-based entertainment. From giant slides, obstacle runs, ball pits, climbing towers and basketball hoops to fun, friendly over-sized inflatable characters of various colours shapes.

At the very centre of the Bounce House you’ll find a custom-built stage where the resident DJ turns up the party vibe. With a massive sound system, music (tailored to each age group), confetti cannons, beach balls, as well as fun games, competitions and giveaways – this is definitely where the party’s at.

The Giant

This one’s for all the aspiring ninja warriors! The Giant is one of The Big Bounce’s most popular attractions and it’s easy to see why. This beast is over 300 metres in length and has 50 inflatable obstacles to overcome. From making your way across the giant red balls, crawling through the rainbow spirals or navigating the zone of inflatable giants, you’ll certainly need to catch your breath as you make your way down the grand finale monster slide.

One thing’s for sure, whether you’re looking to challenge your mates or simply bounce your way through some incredible rainbow landscape, The Giant is not to be missed!


airSPACE is a super-Instagrammable space-themed wonderland filled with friendly aliens, spaceships, moon craters and more. Get some amazing action shots on the gigantic 5-lane slide, defy gravity in all three of airSPACE’s ball pits or try and reach the 8-metre-tall alien at the centre of the 18-metre-tall maze.

Tour dates to look out for:

Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Geelong, Newcastle, Woolongong – Summer 2021

Perth: November 26th-28th & December 3rd-5th & 10th-12th, 2021

Brisbane: January 14th-16h & 21st-23rd, 2022

For tickets and more info, head to https://thebigbounceaustralia.com.au/

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