Life-Size Chocolate Closet Coming To Rundle Place

rundle_place1In an Australian first, Rundle Place is excited to announce that on Thursday 28th March at 9am on Level 1 of the brand new shopping centre at 77 Rundle Mall,  it will unveil a life-size walk in closet filled with shoes, bags, hats and all things wonderful that shopping brings…

Wardrobe doors - done, wrapped for safe keeping & ready to install

Wardrobe doors – done, wrapped for safe keeping & ready to install

World famous food artist Prudence Staite was flown into Adelaide by Rundle Place to create the one off sculpture comprising 100kg each of dark and milk chocolate and 150g of white chocolate (all supplied by FruChocs – of course) which commenced several weeks ago – on 12 March.

“Rundle Place is a shopping complex like no other as is reflected in the everything we’ve set out to do – from elements of the design of the complex itself with little touches such as a croquet pitch themed dining area in ‘77’ our food court, through to our advertising campaign and of course staging the block party” said Justin Dangerfield, Rundle Place Centre Manager.

Solid Chocolate Shoes

Solid Chocolate Shoes

“We wanted to offer something to the public that they’ve never seen before and after an exhaustive search, we found Prudence Staite from  ‘Food Is Art’.  Her work was mind blowing and when she suggested the creation of a chocolate walk in robe we were sold” he said.

The next step was to fly Prudence to Adelaide (she arrived from freezing London on a 38˚day) and put in a call to the FruChocs factory to ensure they can deliver the massive amounts of chocolate required without leaving a shortage of FruChocs for Adelaide to consume!!


Audrey Hepburn Mosaic Painting

Ship in 5 microwaves, 6 long benches, a fridge, umpteen chocolate moulds, knives, scrapers and spatulas add 5 local helpers, 6 mannequins and get down to the long task of creating the magnificent robe – complete with chocolate portraits of style icons  Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

So with three weeks solid work done and dusted, the public can witness the finishing touches being put to the robe live on Level one of Rundle Place from Thursday 28th March.   Once completed, the robe will stay on public display.

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