2KW Are Hosting A Rosé Festival This Saturday

2KW Are Hosting A Rosé Festival This Saturday

All the Rose! All the Festival! All the Charcuterie! Do we even do these things anymore without calling them a ‘Festival’?


It’s going to be 26 degrees on Saturday. We don’t know about you, but for us, that sounds like wine drinking weather. Now, those who leave things to the last minute will be paralyzed on the day, wasting precious wine drinking time while making a choice about where to go, who to visit and what to drink.

But the smart people will be at the 2KW Rosé Festival.


This is a day dedicated to a spring vino favourite with Rosé from Chateau Des Ferrages, The Lane, Hewitson, Mitolo, Bird in Hand, Longview, Hentley Farm and Pierre-Henri Morel all on offer to compliment an endless precision of pintxos and charcuterie until you can’t fit any more in. That’s right, all you can eat folks. Take the challenge.

There will also be live music from the Escapades Duo playing throughout the day, with a ticket including all the cost of food and beverages. So many shades of pink, so delicious…

Bookings are limited, so be sure to contact 2KW as soon as you can on 8212 5511 or email [email protected] to secure your spot. Or if this seriously sounds like something you don’t want to think twice about, jump online and grab your tickets here.

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