A Record Breaking LEGO Exhibition Is Coming To Town: Brickman Awesome

A Record Breaking LEGO Exhibition Is Coming To Town: Brickman Awesome

Two million LEGO bricks, 5000 hours of work, and record breaking models – yes please.


Lego fans, brace yourselves – a brand new LEGO exhibition is on its way over to Adelaide in January 2019!

Serial LEGO constructor, Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught, is bringing his fourth exhibition, suitably titled Brickman Awesome to the Adelaide Convention Centre and he’s breaking some records.

Lose yourself amongst the 2 million LEGO bricks, featuring 39 models – none of which have ever been seen in Adelaide before.

One of the most ‘awesome’ models in the exhibition is a full-scale LEGO replica of the new, eighth generation Toyota Camry, which is 616 LEGO studs long, 230 studs wide, and weighs over a tonne.

And if that’s not impressive, The Brickman will be showcasing the tallest LEGO model in the Southern Hemisphere – a NASA SLS rocket. Standing at a whopping 7.5 metres tall and built from more than 450,000 bricks. It’s even got an in-built lighting and sound system. Goals.

While you’re there, you’ll probably be itching to get your hands busy with some LEGO, and luckily that itch can be scratched. You can help the Brickman team smash another record by contributing to Australia’s longest LEGO model in the form of a giant snake.

Tickets will go on sale at 1pm on Tuesday December 18 through Ticketek. Leg it on over.

When: January 10 – 27, 2019
Where: Adelaide Convention Centre


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