Adelaide salon offering ‘no-talking’ hair appointments

Have a tonne of work emails? Fon Salon have a self-care initiative that allows guests to book ‘no talking’ appointments. ‘Cause we all need quiet sometimes.

We’ve all been there in a salon. Whether you have a deadline to meet, a book that has been at the top of your list, or a podcast to catch up on – we all need a little peace and quiet sometimes.

We’ve all had things we want to do at a salon but haven’t out of a perceived (and often self inflicted) view that it is ‘rude’ not to tell your life story to your hairdresser.

Fon Salon are changing this narrative by offering a new ‘no talking’ approach to appointments.

The salon reached out to its clients in late February with a self care focused post on its Instagram stating that they “are worth the quiet moment, worth the deeper breath, worth the time it takes to slow down, to be still and rest”.

Fon Salon’s dedicated and talented team want you to know it’s ok to take time for YOU, without expectation or judgement.

Since its original post on social media, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. People have been able to bring in their laptops, books, podcasts and felt comfortable to do so.

Fon Salon understand how busy life can be and taking time for a hair appointment is sometimes not viable when trying to juggle everything else.

The salon is pleased to say that it has broken down the barriers of normality and are ready to offer you the best hair experience possible.

Additionally, Fon Salon is proud to be the first salon in Adelaide to implement gender neutral pricing.

The team specialises in designing and tailoring haircuts and colours to each individual to suit their personal style. 

If you would like to make a ‘no talking’ appointment with Fon Salon book here, or call them on 8271 6474.

Stay in touch via their Instagram.

Fon Salon is located at 107 King William Road, Hyde Park, SA 5061.

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