Amazing Adelaide Photographers Owning Instagram: Mick Waterhouse

Part Two of this ongoing series is here…

Instagram. It has become a platform for all manner of things. We’ve seen businesses start on Instagram, we’ve seen people get famous using Instagram and we’ve even seen animals become household names thanks to this social media platform. Remember that dog with the ‘Phteven’ meme? Well the dog’s name is Tuna and he has 1.7 million Instagram followers. Yeah, we’ll just let that sink in for a second. But we want to focus for a moment on some real South Aussie talent showing off what they have on Instagram…

Each week we will be bringing you the story and photography of some of Adelaide’s most amazing photographers that you can find on Instagram. Following on from last week’s first edition (see it here), this week it is all about Mick Waterhouse:

Who: Coming from sunny Yorkshire (sarcasm intended) and emigrating to Adelaide in 2006, Mick fell in love with our picturesque state (we don’t blame him). Inspired, he purchased his first DSLR and used his almost 20 years of experience in the graphic design/print industry to develop his passion for capturing landscape images and nature shots. He now combines his love of photography with skills developed in image editing, enhancing and manipulation.

Where: Considering his main passion is capturing landscapes, Mick loves visiting different places around SA that he maybe normally wouldn’t see if he wasn’t there to photograph them. A colourful, dramatic sunset or sunrise just happens to be his forte, and living close to metro beaches like Henley makes this much easier!

Mick names the areas around and including Port Elliot and Victor Harbor as his favourite coastal locations to shoot.

“Not only is it visually stunning along that coastline but you have the surf beaches with their big swells and waves crashing into the rocks. Some of my most favourite and dramatic dawn and dusk images have been captured down there.”

What: Using a Canon 6D and Canon 17-40mm lens to capture most of his landscape images, Mick has found that his personal favourite shots aren’t always the photos that end up being the most popular on social media. In fact it is quite often the throw away images that get the most love. Go figure… 

Why: More than just being inspired by our state’s amazing landscape, Mick also started looking at images from already established, experienced and all round amazing local photographers. Cue the inspiration! This led to him getting out there and trying to catch images of the same calibre as those guys. We think he totally nails it!

Mick’s Tip: For anyone starting out in photography I highly recommend viewing great images online of familiar local places and going out and to then capture the same shot with your own creative touch. It’s a great way to learn.

To see more of his amazing work follow Mick at @mickw78 or find him on Facebook.

Image 1 Lightning at Henley

The recent lightning storm taken under the jetty at Henley Beach.

Image 2 Bondleigh Bow

The Milky Way captured over Bondleigh Hall near Callington.

Image 3 Knights Beach

A dramatic sunset shot at Knights Beach, Port Elliot.

Image 4 Encounter Bay Sunsrise

Sunrise at Encounter Bay.

Image 5 Southport Beach

Possibly his most popular image on social media – the Onkaparinga river mouth at Southport Beach.

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