We’ve Found The Ultimate Desk Accessory (And It’s Adelaide-Designed!)

Don’t miss the chance to back this amazing Adelaide Kickstarter project…

We’ve found the ultimate new desk accessory – and we’re in love. The sexy little Sanctuary mossarium is the perfect companion, if you love having a little greenery around the place, but have trouble keeping things alive. And have we mentioned how amazing it looks? Best of all, this Adelaide-designed project is in the final hours of its Kickstarter campaign, and is set to go full steam ahead. But the clock is ticking, so after reading this, if you’re as obsessed as we are, make sure you get on board before you miss the opportunity to grab your Sanctuary. This is of course, so you can say you knew about it before everyone else.

With a launch date set for the end of the year (just in time for Christmas conveniently), Adelaide born company, Sanctuary by Botanica, want to spread the calming effect of nature to everyone with their amazing designs. The Sanctuary mossarium is not only beautiful to look at but it also allows you to take part in the creative process. With the aim of passing on the relaxing sense of calm that collecting, designing and putting together a mini-scape can produce, you will truly appreciate the end result.

Along with your mossarium, you are sent tweezers, a mister, a micro fibre cloth and a template (that’s so you know how to cut your moss to the perfect size). You are then urged to go and explore the world outside and find some moss… Yes get up, go outside and get to know nature.

Moss can be found everywhere, even in urban areas. Once you find a nice lush piece (but even the brown dry moss will come back to life with the right tender loving care) for you Sanctuary you are ready to start…

Once finished your Sanctuary will look perfect in any space. A desktop, bookshelf, coffee table, the bathroom… It really will liven up any space.

Apart from being beautiful to look at, the Sanctuary is also practical. With minimal care required it really is a gift that would keep on giving (unlike a bunch of flowers, although we will never say no..).

Director and Designer of this amazing startup, Lesley Williams is passionate about design and its role in the home. She has a background in Industrial Design and also works in Graphics but has a real passion for all things miniature and Oriental garden design.

See more about this amazing Kickstarter project and how you can back it here. But don’t delay, as it finishes this week!

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