Barossa Bagels is still open to brighten your lockdown

The bagel shop will remain open through lockdown, so you can pre-order or just pick up your rainbow and delicious bagels on the fly.

The weather is grey during this wintery lockdown, but at least Barossa Bagels are still open to colour your breakfast!

The bagel shop will remain open through lockdown, as its home Adelaide Showground Farmers Market is an essential service, so you can pre-order or just pick up your bagels on the fly. The shop sells individual bagels, bagel bundles, and their bagel chips, which come in bundles with dips. 

Barossa Bagels is probably best known for their fun rainbow bagels, but they also have lots of delicious and unique flavours––such as Vegemite and cheese, and spicy jalapeño and cheese––that keep customers coming back. Founder Esther Barnett, who runs Barossa Bagels from her council-approved home kitchen, says the everything and the onion, garlic, and cheese bagels are fan favourites as well. 

Boiled then baked, the bagels have become staples at the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmer Market and the Barossa Farmers Market since Barossa Bagels’ opening just over a year ago. 

Barnett has baked locally for years and grew up surrounded by the hospitality industry, with her parents owning a restaurant in Sydney for two decades, but she only decided to turn her bagel-making from hobby to career when she lost her job during the initial COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I made just gluten-free products like pastries and oats at the Barossa Farmers Market to start, and I grew from there,” she says. Barnett’s company still specialises in dietary restriction-friendly products; There are four different GF bagels and they’re all vegan except for the bagels with cheese. 

The business owner believes bagels are a good buy to help customers survive the lockdown because the comfort food––and the rainbow bagels in particular––cheer people up.

“They bring a smile to many people’s faces,” she says. 

“The rainbow ones make for a very happy bagel.”

Barossa Bagels will be open at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market on Sunday from 8:30am to 12:30pm, and when lockdown is over, it will also be at the Barossa Farmers Market Saturdays from 7:30am to 11:30pm. 

Find them online here.

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