Better Sleep With The World’s No.1 Anti- Snoring Device-Based in SA!

Better Sleep With The World’s No.1 Anti- Snoring Device-Based in SA!

If you wake up tired, have a sore throat, feel lethargic during the day, or have sore ribs from being jabbed by your partner, then it’s likely you’re one of the estimated one billion snorers worldwide


sleep image 1If you wake up tired, have a sore throat, feel lethargic during the day, or have sore ribs from being jabbed by your partner, then it’s likely you’re one of the estimated one billion snorers worldwide. Current figures suggest roughly 20 to 30 percent of women and 40 to 50 percent of men snore regularly.

Here’s the usual scenario: you hop into bed with your loved one, you get comfortable, your heads hit the pillow and the thoughts of a faraway tropical paradise start to enter your mind as you begin the sleep cycle. Your eyes are closed, and your breathing is relaxed- nice, and long deep breaths. You just start to enter REM sleep, the images of that lush tropical beach are stronger than ever until…”GRRZRRZRRZRRZRRZRRZRRZRRZRR!”, someone kick starts a chainsaw and ruins your dreamy paradise.

Ok, it’s not an actual chainsaw but is the sound of your beloved partner starting to snore like a grizzly bear. Sound familiar?

Thankfully though, there are cheap and effective solutions available that actually work, and in most cases eliminate snoring completely and its unwelcome side effects. One company operating out of South Australia has been helping thousands of people to sleep better and are experiencing solid growth as people search online in the wee hours. Managing Director of Sleeppro Australia, Darren Kohl, says that it’s not only men that are searching for snoring solutions, but that women constitute a fair representation in terms of their clientele. “We have as many ladies looking for sleep solutions as men, and both our enquiries and client database suggests that it’s not just a ‘bloke thing’ to snore. Sometimes a lady will buy it for their hubby or partner of course, but we do get a lot of ladies buying for themselves. It’s not something we should feel embarrassed about though, as it’s quite a common problem. Current studies estimate that 1 in 6 people snore, that’s roughly a billion people that need our help globally!”

In 2010 Kohl took over the Asia Pacific distribution rights for the UK owned brand that has been around since 1998, and has built it into a viable business with a great ethos. “I’d quit work and was about to embark on a 2 year sabbatical to pursue an MBA when a friend from the UK showed me a blue mouthguard that supposedly stopped snoring. He suggested I try it myself and after initial skepticism, it actually worked. My wife noticed the difference immediately, and I felt like I’d had a great nights sleep, woke with more energy, and generally felt clearer. He told me they needed a new Australian agent so I thought ‘well, this is a decent product so I’d best jump on the opportunity and get it out there to people. I contacted the UK distributors, struck up a deal and 5 years later we’re still doing it after some steep learning curves. When I was deciding on a company mission statement, I was adamant that we didn’t just want to be commercially successful or profitable, but had to promote products or services that benefit people. We’ll never move from those values.”

Given that we sleep approximately a third of our lives, the importance of sleep cannot be underestimated. The products in the Sleeppro range are priced between $25.99 for a Chinstrap support, $55.99 for the Standard ‘Mandibular Advancement Splint or mouthguard’, and then $199.99 for a Custom Sleeppro mouthguard. All are user friendly and apart from the Custom Sleeppro that requires manufacturing in the UK, they can be used within minutes of opening the package they come in. “It’s relatively simple to get the devices ready to use, and for our mouthguards we use a ‘boil and bite’ technology that you do in your own home in minutes. We stock a range of other options as well, so we’re effectively a one stop sleep shop.”

The Sleeppro brand devices are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as medical devices, so have been recognized as an effective, endorsed line of treatment for snoring, particularly among GPs and ENT specialists.

“We offer a 30 day refund on the Standard Sleeppro and to be honest, we do so few of them that our products speak for themself. With a 98% success rate consistently, we’re doing something right,” says Kohl. “We’re also proud to be a South Australian owned business, and there’s huge satisfaction in receiving client feedback that tells us that their marriage has been saved, or that they’ve slept fantastic for the first time in ages. Sleep constitutes a third of our lives, and it’s important that we get a good night’s sleep. We’re able to help people do that with our products, and we love that we can provide a solution for almost everyone.”

Sleeppro Australia are offering Glam Adelaide readers an exclusive discount on a selection of products from now until the end of April. Use the coupon code GlamApril when ordering online to receive 20% off the standard price of any Sleeppro Standard (S1), Chin Support Strap, or Sleeppro Standard & Chinstrap combo.

Go to to order your Sleeppro product now and to find out more.

* This does not constitute medical advice- you should always consult your GP or ENT specialist before considering treatments.

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