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Blog: Four Weeks To Fabulous – Week 2

It’s been a week and a half of Hypoxi and you won’t believe the results I’ve achieved.


As promised, here is an update on my Hypoxi overhaul!

Since having my baby 4 months ago (nearly to the day) I hadn't dropped any of the baby weight that stuck around after my initial loss (I put on 14kg during my pregnancy and lost 7kg in the first two weeks). To combat this, I've signed up for 12 sessions of Hypoxi to help get my tummy & figure back into shape.

The workout

The first session I did was in the Trainer L250 which is a unit that you lay down inside (up to your waist). The other sessions have all been done on the S120 which is upright. On both machines, you are pedaling like you're on a bike.  There is a "wetsuit skirt" which you wear that zips up tight around your ribcage. It then clips in to the machine to ensure that there is an air lock from your waist down. The idea is that you pedal in this chamber while the air pressure changes to draw the blood to your target areas of the hips, bum & waist. The improved circulation in these areas helps your body to process the exercise far more effectively, therefore diminishing cellulite and allowing you to tone up much faster than traditional exercise. Confused? Go in for a trial. I'm sure Mel at Hypoxi North Adelaide can explain it better than I can!

Where I'm At

Now that I've done 6 sessions I was weighed and measured this morning before my 7th session. It's the halfway point in the 12 session package which generally takes a month to carry out.

Although I haven't been hardcore with my eating plan since I started Hypoxi again, I have been following the "no carbs for 4-6 hours after your session" and "drink 2L of water a day". Other than that I've tried to eat healthily and have stopped having big meals after 7pm.

I must admit, I was curious to see if anything had changed since I began the sessions so I tried to pull on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday. Well let's just say that although I got them on, it wasn't great. Still… I got them on. Small victories.

My Measurements

Well, everyone wanted to know if it works. The answer is yes. After a week and a half of sessions I have lost nearly 13cms! Here's the breakdown:

300gm overall
3.4cm tummy
1cm hips
0.4cm bottom
5cm thighs
0.4cm relaxed org
0.7cm contracted leg
2cm knee

Overall I've lost 12.9cm already and my body shape is changing for the better. I haven't lost much weight, but this was never about the kilos. I wanted to fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothing and I'm well on the way. I still have more sessions to go before I head overseas on Thursday next week so let's see how my measurements stack up then!


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