Coopers Brewery: BrewArt Hits it Big in the States!

Coopers Brewery: BrewArt Hits it Big in the States!

USA retail giants, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Amazon think SA’s BrewArt is a genius chrissy present!


People love brewing their own beer, a few of us here have given it a go before and it is kind of hard… Rewarding and fun but none the less hard (maybe that’s just us?).

Enter BrewArt. It is the creation of Adelaides very own Coopers Brewery. It’s the world’s first fully automated brewing system that allows people to make their fave beers at home at the touch of a button. It combines the use of a smartphone app to monitor its process by changing things like the temperature, conditions and sends you updates. Cool right?

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Well it’s become so impressive that it’s reached crazy international success since launching last year. Two of the USA’s most prestigious department store groups in the, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, and online retail giant Amazon have taken an interest in the South Australian product.

Neiman Marcus features BrewArt in its Christmas catalogue this year as well as online, while Bloomingdale’s, is offering the BrewArt system in stores across New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and online. Amazon has also commenced selling BrewArt units online.

BrewArt’s Marketing Manager, Scott Harris, said, “The response in Australia has been outstanding with the system winning a Canstar Blue 2016 Innovation Award just months after being released.”

“We were absolutely delighted when Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, which are recognised as two of the world’s most prestigious retailers, decided to list it.”

So firstly, go BrewArt! And secondly, this is a seriously good Christmas present idea! Check out their website for more details

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