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DVD Review: Geordie Shore Season 6

1794551_10152451075894548_384908197326325336_nTo celebrate the release of Geordie Shore Season 6 on DVD I was blessed enough to grab a copy and experience the mastery myself for the first time ever. The gang takes on Australia in this series, landing in Sydney, fitting right in at Kings Cross. How I had not watched this hot mess earlier is a complete mystery to me. Anything with an “As seen on MTV” sticker adhered to it is usually on top of my list.

As a new viewer to the show I had the pleasure of taking it all in at once, no introductions required. Honestly, it jumps straight into the drama and you feel like you’ve been there all along. Spoiler alert, they complain about it raining lots and Gaz is a total babe.

Now, it’s not often that I find myself feeling overly opulent while on my bed in my tracksuit eating Doritos, but somehow watching this show warranted these feelings. Don’t get me wrong, Geordie Shore does not boast to be anything that it’s not. It’s simply a trashy series that many of my generation love.

Side note number 1: Watching the gorgeous gang interact with local wildlife is hilarious in its own right, providing

Side note number 2: I’m very confused as to how all the girls and guys stay so fit while consuming so much alcohol, however I don’t question it as I’m no better (in bed eating Doritos, remember?).

The show is so ridiculous it’s entertaining, but the greatest thing you’ll notice is the great character development as the series continues. Although the characters have many blow-outs and can be quite aggressive, it’s really rewarding at home to clap when they’re getting along.

All in all the show is worth a watch. Don’t expect it to be any deeper than a roadside puddle, but the hours of hilarious and intense entertainment are worth every last cent.

Find out more about the show here. Geordie Shore Season 6 can be found in many leading retailers across Australia.

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