Finally! A No Brainer Gifting Service Because…We Kind Of Suck

Trying to find an unique gift these days is harder than eating spaghetti with a spoon, luckily, someone’s here to help.


There’s an abundance of great gift-giving services out there, but the Adelaide market is noticeably lacking gift-giving services for both men and women that are actually tailored to the person you’re buying for. Whether that’s men buying gifts for women or women buying gifts for men, this new gifting service has got your back. They’ll work with you to learn about the recipient  and use their expert, thinking (possibly psychic powers) to whip up some great ideas AND THEN they’ll go out and pull it all together for you.

Mangifting is a gift consultancy business that creates luxury, custom or boutique gift and experience packages for any occasion – perfect for someone who loves the good life. Each experience or gift is custom created for that special personal in your life to form a unique gifting experience. Simply come to them with some information on the lucky person in your life and they’ll take it from there, always going the extra mile to make the gift a little bit more personal or special.

Husband and wife duo Kelly-anne Laughton and Sam Camerlengo have extensive experience planning gifts for their loved ones, once they even set up an entire birthday ‘experience’ on The Hobbit theme and even built a Hobbit door for the occasion. This is the kind of young and fresh attitude, as well as care and thoughtfulness, that a Mangifting service can offer you when trying to plan a loved one’s milestone celebration.

The original concept of ‘Mangifting’ has evolved naturally over time to not only cater for men who have no clue what to buy women (forgetting your standard jewellery and flowers) but to also lend hand to women who are struggling to find the perfect gift for men – because in reality, we all suck.

Sam and Kelly personally curate and hand pick items from all over Australia to help you find the perfect gift.

Essentially it’s like having your own personal assistant who has a load of gifting experience to take the hassle and stress out of giving gifts, so you can sit back and enjoy the look on the their face when they see what you’ve got them.

If you lack the time or inspiration – or simply don’t have the know-how to piece together an extravagant affair – then Mangifting is sure to have a package to get you on the right track
For more information please email: /
Phone: Sam 0400 141 146 / Kelly 0428 613 851
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