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Fringe Reivew: WTFunk

WTFunk is all kinds of fun

WTFunk is all kinds of fun

Presented by: Gluttony
Reviewed: 19 February, 2024

Sunday evening at Gluttony, funk met pop and off we all went, grooving in our seats, wondering where in the heck the dancefloor was. Adelaide-based WTFunk is as sassy-fun in name as it is in concept and again in delivery, with Tracey Aberle and Travis Treloar on vocals and percussion, Tom Sterle playing what might very well be the most stylish guitar in town, Matthew Duncan on the all-important bass, Marcus Vogt on drums and Victor Oria on the keys. In different band incarnations, these musicians aren’t new to Fringe, but the band itself is only recently formed, and I hope they stick around. 

When the show opened with Wonderwall I questioned whether all the songs were going to be like it, thrilled and hopeful that they would, and the band didn’t disappoint, playing Brittney and Tay Tay, NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, Sia and Lana del Rey, the arrangements so infectious that finally we made a dance floor. Some songs, like Gnarls Barkely’s Crazy, inherently lent themselves to a funk interpretation, while others became entirely new in sound and vibe, like Radiohead’s Creep. It’s true more instrumental solos wouldn’t have gone astray, an Australian song or two as well, but when I ask myself where but in a parallel universe would I be clicking my fingers to Sweet Child of Mine, I’m eager to tell you it happened, at the Virago, and that feels like more than enough for a good time.

Performance fanfare of the funk era – like purple jumpsuits and front-stage dancing – took a back seat to musical flare, the group appearing before us as if they were jamming in their lounge room or maybe on a purpose-built stage in their backyard, clearly the places to be. Treloar brought a physical playfulness to the set while Aberle added all the jazzy hues, and did Vogt ever stop smiling? Sixty minutes was far too short so I’m keen to find them in the pubs, where they can play two sets and an encore, and where the dance floor will be sufficient to the audience’s needs.  

Reviewed by Heather Taylor Johnson

Venue: The Virago at Gluttony
Season: March 3rd and the 16th
Duration:  60 minutes
Tickets: $27.50

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