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Fringe Review: Eurowision

Ever wanted to experience Eurovision, but just can’t afford the pricey ticket and expensive flights? Well… Eurowision is for you

Presented by Carousel Pony Productions
Reviewed 12 March 2017

Ever wanted to experience Eurovision, but just can’t afford the pricey ticket and expensive flights? Well… this is really nowhere near Eurovision, but it is the closest thing you will get in Australia courtesy of Adelaide’s own Eurowision!

Eurowision is Adelaide’s take on the giant European song contest, and it’s an hour of everything you could imagine would come along with that title. From the slightly awkward exchanges between random European celebrity hosts and outrageously large, sparkly costumes, to bizarre performances and acts and a whole bunch of lasers and glitter – Eurowision has it all.

The show is opened by a group of talented dancers in sequined outfits while some of Eurovision’s biggest hits play in the background, a great reminder of some of the songs that make the European competition so famous. The show is set on a Eurovision-like stage with a circular centre, combined with wind machines, glitter and lasers – the full monty!

The performances are a range of acts drawn from this year’s Fringe line-up giving you a taste of what’s on offer. Highlights are Scotland’s statuesque burlesque performer Gingezilla, Germany/Australia’s finest cabaret act Hans – the Boy Wonder from Berlin and Sweden’s own (representing Portugal for some reason) masterful laser-wizards, Sirqus Alfon.

The hosts are just SO Eurovision, from their ridiculous banter to their hilariously broken English flavoured with strong (fake) European accents. Carla Conlin is the gorgeous Heidi from Lichtenstein’s Big Brother who is, of course, glamorously styled in a flouncy fluffy white dress with hints of sparkles, giant heels and metallic accents. We also have Christos, the ridiculously good-looking, buff Greek B-List celebrity who speaks little to no English (though this does change throughout the show) who embodies the classic pretty-boy male host.

For those who don’t know Eurovision, the Postcards segments are normally a visual glimpse into the lives of people or the performers from the next upcoming country with a little background information before each performance. At Eurowision though, it’s totally different as a random man called Mark in a tight black bodysuit with spikey hair (incredibly reminiscent of Jim Carrey) takes to the stage to perform the most side-splittingly bizarre dance routines with streamers, pom poms, bubble-wrap, audience members and cake tins. What’s the connection to Postcards? Who knows! But honestly I think Mark could well be one of the best parts of the entire show.

Some performances are a bit strange and make little sense, but really that sort of confusion is part of an authentic Eurovision experience.

Eurowision offers a bizarre, at times un-expected, hilarious hour of the most unusual take on Eurovision you’ll probably ever see.

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd
Twitter: @Georgie_xox

Rating out of 5: 3.5

One Night Only – Season ended



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