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Fringe Review: Prospect Art Walk

A multi-venue event along Prospect Road including DJs, artists, exhibitions, buskers, live art, and interactive activities.

One of the most engaging events this Fringe, with lots of "Wow!" moments.

Presented by City of Prospect
Reviewed 11 March 2021

Art is an inclusive term in the Prospect Art Walk, celebrating all things creative, from sculptures and wigs, to musicians, painters, and the most fun of all, augmented reality.

This self-paced tour has too many “Wow!” factors to count, beginning at the beginning with a tour map that comes to life in your hands thanks to a simple augmented reality app that you download to your phone. The friendly staff hand out a complementary drink and explain how it works before sending you on a 1-2 hour exploration of Prospect Road and surrounds.

From cafes with discounted food and drinks, to an optometrist, the tour uses spaces and places creatively to engage both participants and curious passers-by who aren’t sure what the fuss is about.

Some painters paint on canvas, walls or fences, while others eagerly display their finished works and chat about their career for anyone who wants to ask. Inside the Palace Cinema, punters get to pick up a brush themselves, while across the road, glittery dress-ups is the go with outrageously camp wigs and costumes to try on.

Throughout the walk, musicians entertain on the sidewalks, and in one side street, a car is ready for you to pick up a spray can.

The highlights of the tour however, are the animated murals. Four giant wall paintings and a sculpture spring to life using the augmented reality technology. Still art moves to music, and each warrants more than one viewing.

Over the years, Prospect Road has become one of Adelaide’s premiere artistic hubs with a progressive Council that has seen the once-dull strip turn into a hive of cafes, restaurants and artwork. The Prospect Art Walk seals this reputation with this nicely-spaced, beautifully planned tour of absolute joy. It’s exceptionally good fun, offers a lot of variety, and is engaging at every point along the tour. The evening is relaxed, with ample opportunities to stop and listen, chat, or have a bite to eat along the way. The earlier you go, the more of a night you can make of it.

In this post-lockdown Adelaide Fringe, the interactive events in the programme have excelled. The Prospect Art Walk is, by far, up there with the best of them.

Reviewed by Rod Lewis
Twitter: @StrtegicRetweet

Venue:  Payinthi, Prospect Library, 128 Prospect Rd, Prospect
Season:  11 – 13 March 2021, commencing at various times
Duration:  2 hours
Tickets:  $17 – $20

Rating out of 5: 5



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