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Fringe Review: Rudy-Lee Taurua: Send Rudes

A refreshing take on dark humour.


Presented by More Talent
Reviewed 11th March 2022

Award-winning local comedian Rudy-Lee Taurua returns to Adelaide after a run in Perth with his latest show Send Rudes.

Taurua has a relaxed stage presence. He has himself set up on a stool in trackies from where he leans in and suddenly animates as if sharing some of his riskiest lines at a dinner party.

There is a level of risk in the tales he is using for his comedy set. The topics range from cancer, illness and even on to suicide but they all draw from the personal to present humour from the potentially traumatic. Taurua’s style, set up and timing works really well with these topics. Using the lived experience lets Taurua position himself inside the jokes and creates strong connection for the audience before venturing into the taboo.

Send Rudes is a refreshing take on dark humour. It’s a tricky genre to navigate and Taurua pulls it off. He uses the uncomfortable and controversial as the set up for the punchlines that both break the tension and provide sudden, sharp social critique. The structure and the style of Taurua’s presentation is effective in introducing the required context for this style of humour without losing the entertainment factor of comedy. It steers well away from the common style of saying something offensive just for the sake of cheap gasp or chuckle.

The show does come with a general swearing warning but there probably should be some additional ones for themes, but the type of humour shown removes the heaviness that can come with such themes.

Send Rudes is running until the end of the Adelaide Fringe Festival at the Howling Owl.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

Venue:  The Howling Owl, Vaughan Place, Adelaide.
Season:  8th – 19th March 2022
Duration:  50 mins
Tickets:  $20-$29.90

Rating out of 5: 5

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