Gin & Tonic Doughnuts Are A VERY Real Thing! Here's Where To Get 'Em

Gin & Tonic Doughnuts Are A VERY Real Thing! Here’s Where To Get ‘Em

Gin & tonic? Doughnuts? Why not both!


Yes, you read that correct. At Ferment the Festival over the weekend we gorged on delicious fermented foods like cheese, chocolate, sourdough bread, yoghurt, kimchi to name a few as well as some incredible local beer, cider, wine, whiskey and gin. Whilst everything was ridiculously good, what really made our jaws drop (and eyes water) was Elementary Coffee’s gin and tonic doughnuts.

Now we know the team at Elementary always kicks it out of the park but this one really exceeded our expectations! Even though they’re alcohol free it has merely made it more acceptable to have a G&T at 10am.

Elementary Coffee are no strangers to epic doughnut creations though. Every Friday they’ve got a new weekly flavour to keep your taste buds surprised. We’ve seen maple bacon doughnuts, peanut butter & jelly doughnuts, berry & pistachio and lemon meringue.

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Elementary Coffee are located on Young street in the CBD. You can also find Friday doughnuts at the Beigelry (in the train station), Bar 9 Central and the T Bar Rundle place. 

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