Give a Gift With Soul This Christmas

If you’re looking for a present for the kids for Christmas that has lasting benefits, Oxfam’s unique, hand-crafted gifts offer a perfect solution.

Lovingly created with time-honoured skill and dedication by artisans around the world, Oxfam’s gifts have soul and individuality. “Every product sold through Oxfam’s shops has a unique story and helps craftsmen and women around the world to earn higher, more sustainable wages to provide for their families,” said Oxfam’s Director of Trading, Nadine Silverberg.

“While we pride ourselves on the quality and style of our products, we also enjoy getting creative about the items we sell – and our producer partners love being innovative in their creation. “From beautiful, hand-made wooden toys to our “Buy a Doll, Give a Doll” program providing dolls to children in HIV/AIDS affected families in Zimbabwe, there is sure to be something special for your loved ones at Oxfam’s shops this Christmas,” Ms Silverberg said.

Gift Ideas:

“Children of the World” Wooden Mobile, $29.95 6G0068

Introduce your children to some of the world’s many countries and cultures with this charming wooden mobile from Sri Lanka. Featuring hand-painted figures created with non-toxic paints, these charming mobiles support artisans in a small family workshop to earn a living.

Hand Painted Clown Skittles and Ball, $32.50 6R63

These colourful wooden clown skittles will help improve hand-eye coordination skills whilst providing hours of entertainment! Hand-painted inSri Lanka using non-toxic paints, these bright toys are also helping tackle youth unemployment, with our producer partner employing local youngsters from a range of ethnic and religious backgrounds. [Dimensions: 15cm high.]

Batsiranai “Buy a Doll, Give a Doll”, $29.95 7T0011

Every time one of these beautiful handmade dolls is sold, a twin doll is given to a child in a HIV/AIDS affected family in Zimbabwe. The Batsiranai Craft Project has now bought a house where women with disabled children not only do their craft work but also get to learn management, business and marketing skills. Available in a variety of colours and outfits.

Elephant Alphabet Puzzle, $25.95 6T0011

Make learning the alphabet fun with this colourful “Elephant Alphabet” puzzle, hand-made out of wood in Sri Lanka. The production of these items is also helping to create economic security for disadvantaged young people and combat unemployment in Sri Lanka.

Hacky Sacks, $6.95 7Y47

Whether they’re used as juggling balls or foot sacks, individually or with a group, it’s easy to see why these crocheted cotton Guatemalan “Hacky Sacks” are popular with children and adults worldwide. Traditionally, the sacks are kicked with the feet and any other part of the body except for the hands and arms – just like in soccer. Not suitable for children under 3.

5 Ducks Pull Toy, $29.95 6T0043

Toddlers just love pulling along these wobbling ducks, as they practice their own wobbly walks. Handmade from sustainable pinewood and non-toxic paints, the purchase of this toy will help provide rare employment in central Java, as well as better working conditions, education programs, a rice subsidy, and health insurance for producers.

Eight Wooden Babushka Dolls, $59.95 6G0068

These beautiful wooden Babushka Dolls are turned on a small hand lathe and then painted by hand, in a small traditional craft workshop in Uttar Pradesh, India. Our producer partner assists economically disadvantaged groups, especially women, through interest-free loans for materials, transport and wages. [Dimensions: 15.5cm high.]

NEW! Chalk Cheese Board, $29.95 6K0070

Chalk and cheese finally get together to create this charming cheese board, hand carved from mango wood by artisans in Thailand. Chiang Mai-based producer partner Thai Tribal Crafts markets handicrafts made by the local hill tribes, who have forged a new way of life after giving up their semi-nomadic lifestyle. As well as receiving fair and equitable wages, artisans are trained in quality control and product design for the international market.

NEW! Lacquered Bowl with Mother of Pearl Inlay, $75.95 3G0138

This decorative ceramic bowl is meticulously smoothed and lacquered by the Vietnamese craftsmen and women who create it before being delicately inlaid with mother of pearl by hand. Artisans at producer Mai Vietnamese Handicrafts are paid fair wages and given training to keep their skills up to date.

Hand Painted Ceramic Mug Set, $39.95 5K0129

These stylish mugs are intricately hand painted in Vietnam, before being heated in a kiln. Profits are invested in supporting the artisans who create them, 95% of whom are women.

NEW! Recycled Steel “Lace” Fruit Bowl, $39.95 1G0100

Made from recycled steel wire which is hand-shaped into delicate flower patterns and then nickel plated in Northern India, purchasing this eye-catching fruit bowl will help its producers earn fair wages, plus receive health, education and housing support for themselves and their families.

Ceramic Dip Dish in Woven Basket, $39.95 5C84

This beautiful hand painted dip dish comes complete with a basket that is hand woven by Vietnamese women in rural areas. Our fair trade producer partner Craft Link invests profits in further supporting workers, including through training in product design and business skills.

Mango Wood Bowl, $48.95 6K0022

Nothing is left to chance in the creation of these beautiful wooden bowls. After carefully selected mango wood is lathed into shape, it is painstakingly sanded by hand and then painted with non-toxic paints by its creators in Northern Thailand. Then they carve the patterns into the bowl’s surface by hand. More than 500 artisans are employed by our producer partner, Y Development, which funds a rural development plan for artisans and their families.

Fair trade food, assorted prices From delicious Belgian chocolate, organic coffee from around the world, and organic teas from Sri Lanka, to mouth-watering sauces and dressings made from unique Australian bush ingredients, you really can taste the best of the fair trade world at Oxfam’s shops…

To begin shopping, log on to, phone 1800 088 455 for a catalogue, or visit your local Oxfam shop today.

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