Tattoo Guide: The 8 Best Places To Get Inked In Adelaide

Do you want your first tattoo? Or just want to add to the canvas? Here’s a list of some of Adelaide’s best tattoo artists to brighten up your body.

Are you ready to get tattooed, but not sure where to go? We’ve sifted through some insanely talented locals and picked our favourites based on bloody good merit from their adoring fans, personal opinion and recommendations from popular tattooists alike.
Tattoos are no longer a symbol of bikies and gang culture. People get inked for a multitude of reasons. To mark the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, a spiritual or cultural belief, or just because they can (believe us … it’s hard to stop after just one). Tattoo studios are no longer back lane venues, some studios feel more like a luxury day spa. From surfers to yogis to bank executives… you never really know what people have beneath their shirts.
Whether you’re a first-timer or veteran, you’ll be wanting to visit these studios after seeing the work of these amazing Adelaide tattoo artists.
UPDATE: We’ve added a few more options in the mix since the talent pool keeps growing!
Jack – When it comes to traditional tattooing Jack is well known for his bold colours and sharp line work. The Italian tattooist has been working in the industry for 14 years and owns Unseen Tattoo alongside wife Reanna, who runs Unseen Laser Removal.
Aimee – Specialising in thick line work and magic shading, Aimee is a go to if you are considering bold comic pieces. She also offers vegan and cruelty free processes when tattooing so if you want a tattoo but have reservations she offers a fantastic alternative.

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Thanks heaps Sam! 👧⚫

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Tess Hancock – Working on highly detailed and elaborate pieces, often depicting mythical and historical creatures and scenes. Her exemplary shading and detailed dot work is exampled in her work which often takes days to complete and covers large portions of the body.

House of Daggers

Jamie Brockenbrow – With a healthy dose of horror and comedy, Jamie can cook up a colourful and imaginative tattoo at your behest.

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Healed dude, fresh pins

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Stu Pagdin – If you’re looking for bold oriental and Japanese work, Stu is ultimately your guy. Mixing high-impact imagery with bold colours, his work turns heads and for all the right reasons. Check out his big cartel to find his most popular work available as prints.

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Mat Shepherd – Thick linework and colourful imagery, Mat can give you a cartoon tattoo in all its glory.

Emma Mere – She’s currently a guest artist at House of Daggers, so if you’re interested in highly artistic and beautiful imagery then book with her while you can.

XO L’Avant

Jaya Suartika – Having worked as a tattooist for 7 years, it’s understandable Jaya has such a broad style range. Think contemporary, abstract, post-tribal and pattern work, and you’d have his work in a large nutshell.

Nadia Suartika – The dainty and heartfelt hand poke tattoos of Nadia are truly something to behold,
Kyle Woodman – A bit quirky, a lot funny and heaps clean. Kyle’s an apprentice to watch out for.

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Alex Harris – If stick and poke is more your stride, then contact Alex for bold yet dainty pieces.

Progression Tattoo

Tom de Vries – He specialises in neo-traditional, Japanese and other illustrative tattoo styles using bold imagery and distinct lineswork. For his work he’s won the ‘Up and Coming Tattoo Apprentice of the Year’ at the SA Skin Deep Tattoo Show in 2013.

Ryan Reeve – With a background in graphic design, he combines hand drawn lettering skills and logo design experience with his love for Japanese artwork to create a unique tattoo style.

Wolf and Wren Tattoo Collective

Danica Morgan – Danica specialises in linework with a focus on anything occult and esoteric, mythology or folklore themed as well as Gods and Goddesses, alchemical and she LOVES botanical illustration. Find her at Wolf & Wren Tattoo Collective but book an appointment in advance, she has a big clientele.

Josh Darkly – Josh has been tattooing for 8 years with Wolf & Wren and he’s got a great eye for detail. If you want to immortalise your dog somewhere on your body then head to him.

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Our old girl 'Hallie Berry' on my lil' Sista. 🐶

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Little Miss Jess Tattoos

Jess Hannigan – For all your watecolour dreams, Jess can tattoo a splash of colour on your skin as if it was painted there. She is deeply inspired by the natural world and the depiction of movement which is evident in her evolution from being a watercolour painter to a watercolour tattoo artist. You can find her in her private studio Paper Moon Collective, but she’s often booked out so if you are considering her book well, well, well in advance.

Lucid Lines

Caitlin Thomas – Caitlin is an illustrator and graphic designer inspired by 18th and 19th-century line engravings. Her aim is to promote a tattoo movement where “more is less”. She’s known for whimsical subjects like the moon, wildlife and different landscapes, Caitlin is renowned for her unique style of refined detail achieved through thin black lines. Her tattoos seem to hold a paradoxical quality. She’s a freelance artist so you have to contact her directly for bookings.

Chris Pengilly Artist

Chris Pengilly – Dark, twisted and highly imaginative, there aren’t enough words to encapsulate what Chris does with his tattoos. What you can always expect is fine details and expert shading. Book well ahead, this SA artist is hot property.


Know someone you think we’ve missed? Let us know.

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