Here’s What To Wear From The Finders Keepers New La Boheme Collection

The beginning of autumn is the perfect excuse to start your online shopping. Finders Keepers new collection, La Boheme, channels everything you would want in this season’s wardrobe.

Autumn is upon us and that gives us the perfect excuse to start online shopping. Now, we wouldn’t say it’s cold enough to say goodbye to all our light flowy outfits but it most certainly is time to start bringing out the layers.

Finders new La Boheme collection channels everything you would want in an autumn wardrobe. You have your simple yet stunning silhouettes, a touch of detail in a beautiful henna print and gorgeous colours of saffron to pair with the leaves that are about to fall. From a beautiful collection, here are five of our favourites pieces that are perfect additions to your autumn wardrobe.

Cyrus Dress  

With a loose fit body and a flowy high and low hemline, the Cyrus Dress is a perfect piece to wear day or night. The colours in the henna print give a touch of autumn, but if it gets a bit too cold you can find a jacket to pair.

Marcel Raglan Top

There’s nothing quite like feeling cozy with lots of layers wrapped around you. The Marcel Raglan top is perfect for just that. The relaxed fit gives you all the comfort to move about but, with the lightweight fabric, you won’t need to worry about getting too warm.

Stevie Mini Dress

Can you guess the best thing about the Stevie Mini Dress? Well, yes the gorgeous saffron fits right in with the season, but it’s the fun fit and flare skirt that makes it versatile for every type of weather. Wear it by itself in summer and begin the layering when the cooler months kick off.

Ascot Long Sleeve Dress

Honestly, we love this entire outfit; dress, shoes, the works. Back to the Ascot Long Sleeve dress. The relaxed and floaty fit makes it perfect for the season and the long sleeves not only gives your outfit a lot of style but also a tad bit of warmth.

Marcel Jacket

Autumn isn’t cold enough to bring out all your winter coats, but there is a breeze in the air that can be mildly uncomfortable. That said the Marcel Jacket is perfect for this occasion with the lightweight fabric keeping you warm, but not to the point of becoming your own personal sauna. Plus, the relax fit means you can wear multiple layers without turning into the Hulk.

You can shop more of Finders La Boheme collection on Fashion Bunker here.

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