Innovative co-working and office space creates jobs in Port Adelaide

Adelaide Business Hub is a coworking and private office space that allows small businesses to grow and innovate creating 545 new jobs since 1999.

Images: Adelaide Business Hub

Exciting things are happening at Port Adelaide as innovative minds integrate and think big at Adelaide Business Hub.

It’s a co-working and private office space that allows small businesses to grow, innovate and do business. Since it opened its doors in 22 years ago, 242 business tenants have created 545 new jobs. It’s unique offering in the ideal spot at Port Adelaide which is so close to many defence projects.

Adelaide Business Hub’s Chief Executive Officer Lyn Hay said the business supports not only start-ups, but also guides businesses that have been operational for years.

“It’s more than just a space,” Lyn said.

“The Adelaide Business Hub is a thriving business hub offering a range of services to small business including office accommodation, low-cost business advice, practical workshops, and a range of opportunities helping businesses soar.”

When Lyn was appointed inaugural manager it’s the early days, she was tasked with turning a gutted warehouse occupied by 300 pigeons into a small business hub to attract and grow new and establishing small businesses.

She repurposed the space to now become a lively whirlwind of innovation and job creation.

Its location in Port Adelaide is a 10 minute drive from The Osborne Naval Shipyard which is the nation’s premier naval industry hub. It makes Port Adelaide the smart choice for any company pursuing opportunities in defence or commercial ship building.

Taking advantage of its prime location, Adelaide Business Hub created the Port Adelaide Landing Pad to attract international, national and local companies to work in the heart of this defence environment.

“We have five companies currently operating in our Landing Pad,” Lyn said.

“This year they have created six local jobs alone and we expect this number to increase over time.”

Lyn said Adelaide Business Hub’s location at its time of establishment needed to draw more people to live there rather than just work.

“Historically people worked there, but after 5pm it was obvious that very few lived there,” Lyn said.

“Port Adelaide is now seeing trendy urban infill with a significant plan to create 2000 new townhomes attracting over 4000 people to live and be inspired by active main streets, waterfront experiences brought about by over $1billion dollars in private investment.”

The hub creates opportunities for business integration with its shared space allowing people to bounce ideas off each other and work together to support each other.

“Working in a shared building (with private offices) creates a natural referral network that helps the business grow. When businesses gather we go further, faster, together,” Lyn said.

“Of course we offer multifunctional spaces including private offices, casual offices, co-working and conference facilities; however, we want our clients to grow faster in our Hub than if they simply leased a space elsewhere.

“That’s why (in addition to the usual things you need to land and do business like reception, high speed internet and 24/7 secure access) we have onsite advisors on tap, cross referral networks, useful connections to 3 tiers of government and contacts with SME supply chains.”

Adelaide business Hub has allowed businesses owners to pivot and take up new opportunities and partnerships. Lyn said their analysis shows companies will usually employ on average 2.3 employees in a given year – from there, the number usually goes up. 

Some star businesses that currently work from the Adelaide Business Hub include JobWriterPro which focuses on job description writing, Downer which helps people with urbanisation pressures and population growth, and 360 Surveying which provides surveying services to projects big and small.

All businesses are welcome to the space with its variety being a key drawcard.

Lyn said it’s an exciting time to be based in Port Adelaide and Adelaide Business Hub offers the ideal space to take advantage of the area’s opportunities.

Adelaide Business Hub is located at 6 Todd Street Port Adelaide, SA.

To find out more about Adelaide Business Hub, visit their website.

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