Intangibles in Terra Australis

Flinders University Art Museum, City Gallery, State Library of SA, North Terrace

5 February – 20 March 2011

Featuring Maringka Baker, Troy-Anthony Baylis, Veronica Calarco, Jan Clifford, Peter Coad, James Cochran, Nici Cumpston, Angkaliya Curtis, Loene Furler,  Ian Hamilton, Greg Johns, David Kelly, Mark Kimber, Pamela Kouwenhoven, Gavin Malone, Tiger Palpatja, Darryl Pfitzner-Milika, Pungkai, Peter Sharrock, Wingu Tingima, Harry Tjutjuna.

This exhibition is an eclectic travelling show curated by Asun Bassas originally shown in Spain. Both indigenous and non-indigenous contemporary artists have used a number of mediums. The uniting thread of these works is the relationship between the land and its inhabitants. The land cannot be conquered, but celebrated in all its beauty and its essential existence, to exist in harmony, balance and acceptance. It becomes intangible when destructive rather than creative measures are taken. This is a show of highly creative skills and sensibilities.

In James Cochran’s Adelaide Apparition he has executed and developed his own way of paint application to a level where his paintings seem to be moving and dancing, with this particular image buzzing and in tune with its surroundings, on the onset of dusk, depicting colourful reflections that sparkle and resonate, representing the soul and ambiance of place.

Nici Cumpston’s Nookamka rushes, Lake Bonney, 2008, continues to experiment with traditional mediums and technology and brings together a serene image. The expanse of the work displays a high level of skill producing an atmospheric surface of even texture.

Troy-Anthony Baylis’s, Thousands and Thousands of Twisty Ties, 1993, remake 2009, is a minimalist design showing the connectivity that exists in an immense space, with shadow creating complexities and the positives of light.

Jan Clifford’s Vessel, 2006, is an intricately woven canoe which has the idea of lightness as it is woven completely transparently, giving the look of lightness as the canoe travels amongst the waves.

This is a wonderful show.

Reviewed by Gina De Pieri Salvi, Visual Art Critic, Glam Adelaide.

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