Wet and windy front sweeps across South Australia

South Australians have been greeted by the comforting sound of rain on their roofs, marking the arrival of welcome showers that break a historic dry spell for the state.

Many South Australians have woken up to the delight tap tap on their roofs this morning as rain finally falls from the sky after a historic dry spell.

The Bureau of Meteorology is expecting Adelaide to have up to 10mm today, with a very high chance of rain during this morning before clearing early this afternoon.

Overnight, the Eyre Peninsula experienced rainfall, with 5.8mm recorded since 9 am on Wednesday. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Ceduna received 4.4mm of rainfall, while Minnipa recorded 8.6mm.

Showers are anticipated to persist until tomorrow, bringing rainfall ranging from 4-7mm across various regions of the state.

Adelaide experienced its driest February-April period in a century.

Although the dry spell ended last week with light showers, they weren’t the substantial rainfall farmers were anticipating.

It’s been the month for breaking weather records here in SA, with parts of the state recording it’s coldest May morning just a fortnight ago.

May 22 was the chilliest with Nurioopta reaching -2.6c, Kadina reached -0.8c with it’s previous record being 0.1c on May 30th 2021, Robe reached -2c with it’s previous record being -1.3c May 25th 2006, Roseworthy reached -1.4c beating it’s previous record of -0.4c on May 27th 1967, Cummins reached -1.6c with it’s previous record of 0.8c May 7th 2023 and Wudinna recorded -1.5c with it’s previous being -1.2c May 21st 2022.

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