Italian favourite Tony Tomatoes gets a colourful new mural

Tony Tomatoes owner Lauro Squillani hopes the mural will benefit the whole area, not just Tony Tomatoes customers.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Pruett

Tony Tomatoes in North Adelaide is a favourite amongst locals due to it’s hospitality and great homestyle Italian meals.

Now their spectacular new mural adds a whole new reason to visit.

Tony Tomatoes owner Lauro Squillani always wanted to spice up the bare wall and do something that would benefit the whole area, not just Tony Tomatoes customers.

“It’s not really about Tony Tomatoes; It’s just about community space,” Squillani says.

“So for the last 2 to 3 years, we wanted to put this mural up to make it look a little more presentable.”

Photo Credit: Lauro Squillani

Squillani has always been interested in New York and its culture. In particular, he has always wondered which stoops lead to which buildings.

Squillani saw a design by Brooklyn artist Sam Silverman and knew he had to have it as the mural.

“When I came across this image, it was perfect, so I got in contact with the artist, and we worked together in developing the mural,” he says.

With help from a local sign company, Squillani got the vinyl design and stuck it to the wall. It’s completely weatherproof, so it will be there for years to come.

Lauro has ordered picnic tables that will be placed in the park space, so the community can enjoy a pizza from Tony’s or a meal from Lucky Lupita’s next door and take in the mural.

Find Tony Tomatoes here.

Find Tony Tomatoes at 155-157 O’Connell St, North Adelaide.

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