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KISS Just Created History Rocking Out For Sharks In Port Lincoln

KISS will be perform live off the southern coast of Australia in Port Lincoln on November 18. This will be the band’s first-ever concert for sharks.


Feature image via @adventurebaycharters

Legendary rock band KISS has been in Australia, and was about to kick off their final tour, when they suddenly had to cancel due to illness. The remaining band members, had one date they couldn’t pass up though – in South Australia.

Today, one of the most epic things ever seen in South Australia went down – with KISS playing a concert (the only one in Australia), out on the water to sharks!

It was the band’s first-ever concert for sharks.

Why? Because, as it turns out, playing epic rock tunes from the boat, is the way Adventure Bay Charters attract great white sharks to the cage on their daily tours, 3 hours off Port Lincoln. They’ve just never used an actual rock band – to do this. Until now.

On today’s private charter, concert-goers boarded the specially decked out boat, and went out to the deep waters of the ocean, which is one of the biggest feeding grounds for great whites.

As KISS rocked out above water, attendees got to see what was going on down under it in the glass bottomed boat.

While this was most definitely a one-off event, if you’re after a once-in-a-lifetime experience in a similar vein, Adventure Bay Charters offer a bucket list item, where you can do still head out with the sharks, and listen to rock music (albeit not from a live band), while enjoying the great whites in their natural habitat.

Not a bad second option if you ask us! Plus, you’ll be near Port Lincoln, which means you can level up your trip with world-class seafood, stunning landscapes and more fantastic wildlife encounters.

Learn more about Adventure Bay Charters here.

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