Land release to unlock more than 2,500 new regional homes to tackle housing crisis

The potential for more than 2,500 new homes has been unlocked in regional South Australia.

The potential for more than 2,500 new homes has been unlocked in regional South Australia after two code amendments were initiated by the Minister for Planning.

“We are fast-tracking land supply across the State to boost much-needed supply and tackle the regional housing crisis,” Minister for Housing and Urban Development Nick Champion says.

Two parcels of land – at Goolwa North on the Southern Fleurieu and Fisherman Bay on the Yorke Peninsula – are set to be released for development, fast-tracking critical land and bringing houses to market to tackle the regional housing crisis.

“Both these sites present an opportunity to deliver nearly three thousand new homes in areas of growing demand – backed by good infrastructure and amenities.”

The sites, identified for re-zoning for residential use through the planning system, will be subject to community and stakeholder engagement.

The two sites will deliver up to approximately 2,730 homes – on top of the almost 2,000 homes released last week by the Government – adding critical supply to the South Australian housing market.

The newly established Housing Infrastructure Planning and Development Unit, led by executive director Elinor Walker who was announced earlier this month, will support the rollout of vital infrastructure and amenities surrounding major housing land releases, including at these two sites.

It is anticipated construction on first homes could begin as early as 2025, following the completion of the re-zoning and master planning of each location.

The Goolwa North code amendment is set to deliver around 2,500 homes on a 241-hectare privately held site, north of the Goolwa township and east of Alexandrina Road.

The release adds much-needed supply to the Outer South region, in an area identified as having significantly limited greenfield land available for development.

The proposal will boost housing affordability and choice amid rising demand, with the region’s population projected to grow in excess of 20 per cent by 2036 according to the State Planning Commission’s latest Land Supply Report.

The privately led rezoning process will consider the extensive work previously done by the Alexandrina Council for the affected land, to help drive master planning and guide future growth in Goolwa North.

The Fisherman Bay code amendment is set to deliver around 230 homes on a 26-hectare site, located on the coastal fringes north of the township.

The amendment has been proposed and led by the Barunga West Council, as part of the council’s long-term strategic planning to meet their community’s needs.

The Council has already identified infrastructure needs and funding mechanisms available to recover delivery costs. It will now undergo further consultation with key organisations, including transport, emergency services, environmental and education agencies, as well as utility and telecommunication providers.

“Council looks forward to a collaborative relationship with the proponent to ensure that our local context and community vision is heard and incorporated at this important policy setting stage,” Barunga West Council Mayor Leonie Kerley says.

The proposed changes build on the $25 million Fisherman Bay freehold project which has led to Council partnering with the private sector to deliver vital infrastructure being rolled out, including a wastewater collection system, roads, stormwater management and a seawall.

The Government met with Council during Country Cabinet in February and heard firsthand accounts of housing issues facing the Yorke Peninsula – a region forecast to grow, driven by retirement migration and the opportunities of the Hydrogen industry in the Upper Spencer Gulf.

These housing initiatives are in addition to the State Government’s A Better Housing Future plan, which includes fast-tracking what will be the single largest release of residential land in the State’s history.

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