Light show to transform Hindley Street lane every night

The work of local emerging artists will light up very night between 6pm and 4am on Produce Lane.

Light boxes and projections featuring art by local artists are creating a dynamic and welcoming space on Produce Lane, just off of Hindley Street.

Delivered by the City of Adelaide in partnership with TAFE’s Adelaide College of the Arts, the emerging artists’ work will be lit up very night between 6pm and 4am but can be viewed 24 hours a day.

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor believes the art will make the area – which includes access to public toilets and the Light Square UPark – feel safer.

“The art will help make Produce Lane a place worth visiting rather than simply being used as a thoroughfare and late-night congregation point by creating a more attractive and welcoming day, twilight and night experience for all users,” the Lord Mayor said.

The hope is that the artwork will act as a deterrent of anti-social behaviour, encouraging pedestrians to slow down and look at the works and attracting more people to the area.

The first artist to present their work in Produce Lane is Lee Walter, who has taken the positive messages to heart.

“I have constructed mini temporal ecosystems, exploring subjects from love and grief to trying to capture the sublime in today’s contemporary climate.

Next time you’re down Hindley Street, have a wander down Produce Lane, and see the colourful light boxes for yourself.

You can find Produce Lane off of Hindley Street, Adelaide.

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