Major road works on northern section of South Road commence

Resurfacing works are underway on the northern stretch of South Road between James Congdon Drive, Mile End South and Ashwin Parade, Thebarton.

In a move set to redefine the driving experience for countless road users, the northern section of South Road is undergoing a significant makeover.

Located between James Congdon Drive in Mile End South and Ashwin Parade in Thebarton, this key stretch of road is the latest focal point of a comprehensive $22 million resurfacing project. Aimed at enhancing the long-term safety and integrity of the roadway, these efforts are a prelude to the ambitious River Torrens to Darlington Project.

The project team has rolled up their sleeves to remove the old pavement and lay down fresh asphalt, with the work commencing today (expected to wrap up by June 2024) and designed to ensure that South Road can handle future traffic demands, especially with the major construction works on the horizon.

To minimise disruption, the resurfacing is being carried out at night, from 6 pm to 7 am, Sunday through Friday, sparing Saturday nights from construction noise and activity. Despite these precautions, some temporary road and footpath closures are inevitable, however, detailed detours, clear signage, and traffic controllers are in place, guiding motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians safely around the construction zones.

Reflecting on the project’s scope, the southern section of South Road between Rothesay Avenue and Lloyd Street in Saint Marys has already seen the completion of similar resurfacing works.

Additionally, a significant stretch of over three kilometres along South Road has been given a new lease of life, encompassing areas from Bennet Avenue in Melrose Park to Glengarry Avenue in Glandore. This includes a critical intersection at South Road and Cross Road, which was completed over the Australia Day long weekend.

Looking ahead, the resurfacing of the remaining sections between Bennet Avenue in Melrose Park and Rothesay Avenue in Saint Marys is slated to begin in mid-2024, setting the stage for the main construction works of the T2D project to start in 2025, with tunnel-boring activities for the Southern Tunnels expected in 2026, aiming for project completion by 2031.

Tom Koutsantonis, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and a key figure behind the initiative, shared his insights.

“The River Torrens to Darlington Project includes a commitment to improve the overall road network, which has seen more than three kilometres of the southern side of South Road being resurfaced in 2023.”

“Work was also completed in January on the section between Rothesay Avenue and Lloyd Street, Saint Marys. Work will now commence on the northern side of South Road between James Congdon Drive, Mile End South and Ashwin Parade, Thebarton”, says Koutsantonis.

Koutsantonis has also emphasised the critical nature of these works.

“These works will ensure the long-term safety and integrity of the road directly above where the T2D tunnels will be. We thank all road users for their patience and cooperation while these important works are being undertaken.”

As the city gears up for a transformative period in its infrastructure development, the resurfacing of South Road marks a significant milestone in ensuring the safety and efficiency of one of its busiest corridors. With meticulous planning and community cooperation, the road to a smoother, safer South Road is well underway.

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